Thursday, October 30, 2008


Finally finished the Halloween costumes. One for my son and one for a friend's daughter. Wizard of OZ was involved again this year, but not with my son. As most of you know I am a huge fan and my son was the Scarecrow for his First Halloween, and a lollipop munchkin last year! He was so cute and he loved all of the attention. Last year - This year I was stumped (heehee) yet again as to what he should be. Between my head cold/sinus infection and being undecided on ideas I was ready to scrap Halloween this year - but per my dear hubby - "NO WAY! Even if we have to buy him a cheap costume from the store - He is dressing up!" So, no way am I gonna let my honey wear a last minute, nothing left on the rack store bought costume. I want to make his costumes as long as he will let me - because momma's designs won't be cool soon. I have to sew now while I still have some say in what he wears! I'm hoping it will be at least a few more years. So we decided on a little something and I threw it together last night. Hopefully it doesn't look too home made, dear hubby helped a little on the stuffing and wire hangers... You are just dying to know what I made aren't you??? Well all will have to wait until HALLOWEEN!!!! I will definitely have pictures!

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