Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We have a winner for the giveaway from last week!! A winner was chosen randomly by one of my dear friends... and the winner is JessieLeigh! Sounds like she can really use these. She has a great blog you should check it out here. And she is also giving away a Basket of Indulgence, well actually 3 of them! Visit her blog and enter to win! all you have to do is post a comment about your favorite quick treat that you carry in your purse or diaper bag for those last minute emergencies when your out with your little ones. My honey's favorite treat is either Goldfish crackers or "bunny crackers"(the organic healthier version of Goldfish by 'Annies'). I have to have a snack on hand and water at all times for my honey or he starts a major melt down. I guess I spoiled him when he was little and now he expects it all the time! Well hope you all have a blessed day!

1 comment:

JessieLeigh said...

Thanks for sharing my giveaway, Jenny!

I was so surprised to pop over and see that I had won your drawing. How exciting! And, yes, we will definitely make good use of them. : ) Thanks!


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