Monday, February 23, 2009


We are having a great time with schoolwork. I am amazed at the information I have found on the internet to do projects with my little honey. I am really fascinated by the Montessori way. I found this great site here with wonderful ideas and projects. I have been crazy busy this week putting together "lessons" and projects. Little honey is having a ball and gets excited when I bring out a new idea. I have been leaving them on the counter for him to see and decide on his time when he wants to work on something. This is a fascinating idea I have learned from the Montessori way and Brilliant I might add. He is going to these more times thru out the day than I ever imagined! Here he is putting the spots on Dog. I had no idea how quickly the colors and spots would come together for him. He has the next color ready before I even turn the page!! This is a great book to learn colors and I love the idea of having your child put the colors on Dog! Thank you Laura for the great idea!! Here is little honey giving Dog a bath! This is his favorite part and he wants to give Dog a bath over and over!! Potty training is finally working!! Yesterday he asked me to take him to the potty!! YEAH!! This was the first time - and he has every time since then! Oh I love it when something finally works! I believe renting "No More Diapers" video from the library really pushed him over the edge. We watched it about 20 times last week! I definitely recommend this video! Hope you have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Have him make me a pretty picture for my office!!!


Anonymous said...

That looks great! It's such a fun book. I'm glad you enjoyed the idea. Thanks so much for writing to tell me!
Take care,


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