Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's snowing!!

Yes, that's right. It is March 28th
and snowing like a blizzard out there!! This is my back yard. Poor honey's play equipment is getting covered!!
Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful spring day!!!

Craft day!

Well this is what we have been doing the past few days...
Little honey loves to paint! He was having a blast glopping as much of the paint that he could on to each popsicle stick! Very messy!!

Well I thought I would throw out a photo of mommy too -

(bad hair day and all) Little honey wanted his photo with mommy too!! Well this is the finished product - We have some seeds planted in this pot, but we don't know what they are!! I bought some "green" Christmas tags on sale that had seeds pressed into the home made paper. On the back it says the flowers will germinate in a few weeks, but on the instructions it says the tree will germinate. So we are in for a surprise soon!! Happy Spring!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last week we went to the lake. This wasn't one of our usual happy weekend trips, no unfortunately is was during the middle of the week and we went to a funeral. Dear hubby's grandma went to be with the Lord and we rushed to get to the funeral on Wednesday. One blessing we noticed about my being a stay at home mommy is that I can leave at the drop of the hat and have the family packed and out the door with out any problems. I never realized how hard working full time and trying to get my family together was until this week. Thank you Lord for letting me be at home to be the wife and mother you created me to be. Well Wednesday turned out to be a lovely day. The sun was shining and just a soft breeze blowing. I know it was hard for my hubby as he is not very close to this side of his family. He only has a few memories with this grandmother and this is something he is trying to deal with. I understand a little of what he is going thru as there are some family members on my side of the family that we are not as close to any more. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??? We can't go back in time and we can't judge others for their decisions and actions, but we can be aware of our own decisions and actions. We can forgive those who have hurt us in the past so we can move on. And we can change the future for our son. We are trying to make an effort to reach out to both sides of our families so that our son will know his grandparents, his aunts, his uncles and cousins and be able to be close to them. I wish some of our families lived closer - but thru the world of technology we should be able to know everything that is going on at any time of day. Our elders should be reaching out to this new generation, they should be recording their childhoods - what happened when they were little, what is important to them, what legacy do they want to pass on to the next generation, family recipes, traditions, photos and letters. All that have been lost since we are all "so busy now".

photo by carameldemon

Things that I can't get from my grandparents anymore as they have all passed on. We should cherish our families and share with one another no matter how busy we are. What do you think? Am I being a little over-dramatic?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Spring!

Artwork by A.J. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful spring weather! I am ready for the flowers to bloom and spend more time outside! Little honey is loving practicing with his scissors, but I know he is ready to run around outside more. Today was a little windy so not much time outside. sigh. Warm weather will come - and then I will complain about it being too hot to be outside!! Darn this crazy Kansas weather!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend to Remember

Hubby and I had a wonderful weekend - thanks to our friends Dawn and Chris and my parents. How do you ask? Well we were invited to go to Family Life's Weekend to Remember conference for married couples. What a blessing!

It was nice to just get away jsut the two of us and do something meaningful together. We have really missed that. I would recommend anyone that is married or engaged to go to this seminar. It is well worth the time and money. I know the economy is tight right now -and Family Life does too. They are offering a free Weekend to Remember to anyone who has lost their job! What an awesome company!

For more information call -1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329). There is nothing listed on their website about this special, you need to call the 1- 800 number and they will screen you to be qualified. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details on FREE registration: Free Tuition is “subject to availability” - each city’s conference has an allotted number of slots for families in these circumstances, so you need to sign up fast! It must be a layoff or dismissal situation, not available if you willingly quit your job. Job loss must be within the past 6 months. Must still be unemployed. This does not include hotel stay, that is at your own expense. I could go on and on - but I will stop - JUST GO!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy weekend

Sorry I haven't written much this week. We were busy with school work and me getting ready for this weekend. I went to a Women of Faith conference! Woo hoo! What a blast it was. I really enjoyed spending time with my sisters in Christ from my local church and also from other local churches. I saw some old friends from my old church and even one of my coworkers from the adoption agency. It was nice to just get away from the house and all the cleaning and school work. I saw Steven Curtis Chapman - what an experience! It has been 10 months since the accident of losing his daughter. It was heart breaking hearing him talk about it. I can't even imagine what their family has been thru. We also heard Sandi Patty and Mandisa! What an upbeat concert Mandisa had! They had excellent speakers! I really enjoyed Sheila Walsh. I just love her accent! And I love her honesty. She has a book that I would love to read called "Let Go". Another speaker was Lisa Welchel - ya know from the Facts of Life! Remember Blair? That was a weird flashback! I think the one I enjoyed the most was Lisa Harper. She was witty and down to earth, really told it like it was. I recommend you go to this if it is any where near you. They are coming back to Kansas City in November of 2010. I plan on going. Oh ~ by the way check out their on line book store. If you want to order any thing you can get 20% off by putting in the code 2009 when you check out. How cool is that?? I plan on getting over there now to order a few books for myself!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

Today is dear hubby's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!
Poor Daddy had to work today and when he got home this is what he did -
Chalking! This is what little honey calls it - it actually sounds like "chopping". <-This is daddy's chalk design hard to see but a picture of my little honey. Hope you had a great day!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The dreaded diaper bag dilemma...

Well since little honey is finally potty trained (WOO HOO!!) He insists we carry the portable potty seat with us when we are out. Hey if it gives him comfort and easier to go potty when we are out - then I will carry it. Funny - most moms start to carry a smaller "diaper bag" or nothing at all. Not me! I had to find something that would hold said potty seat. This is what I found lurking in our hall closet - A Lands' End tote like this one. Not too fond of the bright color, the ex-company insignia (I don't want to give them free advertisement! or any advertisement at all!!), the size...I could go on and on but bottom line - it's just not my fave at all. But I refuse to spend $$ on a new diaper bag or another huge bag that will just collect dust in the closet until we go to the beach someday. The beach - does it still exist?? I have forgotten about it. Maybe one day I will find it again... I wanted to change the bag. So I had a few minutes while little honey was doing this - Artwork for Rebecca - Per your request so don't look so close at what he is making!! We will bring it to you soon!!! Well this is what I came up with - a pretty crushed velvet heart. Cuz my little honey holds my heart!! Cute isn't it? a little cheesy, too!! But hey - I only had a few minutes before little honey went crazy wondering what momma was doing to his new "no more diapers - diaper bag" as he calls it! So what do you think?? I am really liking the applique idea and have a great idea for some baby gifts that I can put in my new etsy shop that I am starting. More pics of those items later.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We've created a monster...

a motorcycle monster that is... Just like daddy goes potty. Now little honey has to have a motorcycle magazine (or "bike madadine" as little honey calls them) every time he has to, ya know, GO. I know this one is blurry - but had to add it because of how cute he is. He didn't want daddy to continue taking pictures while he was going potty and he put the magazine up to block the shot!! So cute! I can tell there will be a BIG challenge ahead the day that momma's baby doll will want to get his own motorcycle! UGH, time is flying by too fast!!


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