Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy weekend

Sorry I haven't written much this week. We were busy with school work and me getting ready for this weekend. I went to a Women of Faith conference! Woo hoo! What a blast it was. I really enjoyed spending time with my sisters in Christ from my local church and also from other local churches. I saw some old friends from my old church and even one of my coworkers from the adoption agency. It was nice to just get away from the house and all the cleaning and school work. I saw Steven Curtis Chapman - what an experience! It has been 10 months since the accident of losing his daughter. It was heart breaking hearing him talk about it. I can't even imagine what their family has been thru. We also heard Sandi Patty and Mandisa! What an upbeat concert Mandisa had! They had excellent speakers! I really enjoyed Sheila Walsh. I just love her accent! And I love her honesty. She has a book that I would love to read called "Let Go". Another speaker was Lisa Welchel - ya know from the Facts of Life! Remember Blair? That was a weird flashback! I think the one I enjoyed the most was Lisa Harper. She was witty and down to earth, really told it like it was. I recommend you go to this if it is any where near you. They are coming back to Kansas City in November of 2010. I plan on going. Oh ~ by the way check out their on line book store. If you want to order any thing you can get 20% off by putting in the code 2009 when you check out. How cool is that?? I plan on getting over there now to order a few books for myself!!

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