Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend to Remember

Hubby and I had a wonderful weekend - thanks to our friends Dawn and Chris and my parents. How do you ask? Well we were invited to go to Family Life's Weekend to Remember conference for married couples. What a blessing!

It was nice to just get away jsut the two of us and do something meaningful together. We have really missed that. I would recommend anyone that is married or engaged to go to this seminar. It is well worth the time and money. I know the economy is tight right now -and Family Life does too. They are offering a free Weekend to Remember to anyone who has lost their job! What an awesome company!

For more information call -1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329). There is nothing listed on their website about this special, you need to call the 1- 800 number and they will screen you to be qualified. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details on FREE registration: Free Tuition is “subject to availability” - each city’s conference has an allotted number of slots for families in these circumstances, so you need to sign up fast! It must be a layoff or dismissal situation, not available if you willingly quit your job. Job loss must be within the past 6 months. Must still be unemployed. This does not include hotel stay, that is at your own expense. I could go on and on - but I will stop - JUST GO!!

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