Wednesday, April 8, 2009

cooking up a storm and lots of pictures...

Lots of cooking going on in the house...
We started with Chocolate Cake for the family birthday party - that ended up getting cancelled because of the snow!
What daddy - do I need to wipe off my face??
Little Honey really liked licking the spoon and tasting the batter. What - is there something on my face? He kept saying "Umm - Yummy!!" While doing schoolwork we were learning about the color BROWN last week. So we decided to make brown pretzels and mold them to the shape of our letter of the week. Here are some more pics -

< This picture is little honey smelling the dough. He has to smell everything!!

The pretzels didn't look like I thought they would, but they sure tasted great! We melted a little Velveeta cheese for dipping sauce and had a little party! What fun learning about BROWN!

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