Monday, April 27, 2009

I've been missing!

I've been missing from the computer world....I'm OK, just busy and not in the mood to sit at the computer for any extended period of time. In-laws came in town last weekend and we finally had the bridal shower for my cousin. I received the items I won last month and put them to good use. Very happy!! This is what I started with - two tiles, one plain white and the other this pretty stone.

This is the first vinyl after attached - Black vinyl on solid white tile - Isn't she going to have a great new last name?? It wasn't that hard to do, but easier with someone helping to hold the tile down. If you were putting the vinyl on the wall you could easily do it yourself with out help. Here is the second one - This print was in Chocolate Brown. I think it turned out great on the stone tile. (I also got this one in Black - for either my house or another gift - I can't decide.) I had already attached hangers to the back of the tiles the day before so they would be ready to hang in their new place after the wedding. If you like these prints, check out Word Candy Vinyl. Go check it out- she has lots of other neat stuff to put on your wall. The wedding is coming up fast. June 6th! Did I mention my cute little honey will be the ring bearer? I am excited and nervous for him all at the same time. Will he walk down the aisle? Or will he throw a fit and scream or cry or jump and be hysterical?? I have no idea - but pictures will be included. A. - I hope you enjoy the gifts and I hope my little honey will be decent for your wedding!!

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