Saturday, May 9, 2009

what is it? a bird? a plane? no it's a BLIMP!!

Look what we saw outside our window today...

I know my camera doesn't have the best shots but the blimp went right by our house today. I think it was advertising insurance, but who cares! A BLIMP!!! How fun is that? I don't think I have ever seen one up close. My mom and I were talking about it last week. I can't remember why the subject of blimps came up?? Anyway, good 'ol mom called this morning to have me look outside my window, north east - and what do ya know, here comes a blimp straight for my neighborhood! It was really close. Maybe two streets over and we could even hear the engine as it flew overhead!

Thanks for calling Mom!! Well, needless to say little honey was SOOOO Excited!! Even though he is still a little under the weather, he just wanted to stay on the porch and watch it fly away into the distance. Until... he jumped out of my arms and started running frantically around the house looking for chimp. Chimp? What was he talking about? Then it finally hit me. We had checked out a book from the library last month about animals that rhymed with moving vehicles. He remembered one page from the book - Blimp Chimp! He was so upset when I told him we had taken the book back to the library. The whining started and I could not get him to calm down! So what does a good momma do? She got dressed as fast as she could and drove to the library (hoping it was open already) to check out said book.

Here is the most important page of the day -

But I really like pages Hog Frog and Tug Bug! Go check it out! it is a fun book!!

And I was able to find another book about blimps -

It is a little older reading, but he loved the photos and so did mommy! It explains what blimps are and the differences between blimps and hot air balloons! Even momma learned something new today! It also had a brief story about the famous zeppelin, The Hindenburg. Of course the pictures of the burning blimp are what he was most fascinated with! Not the fact it was the largest 'blimp' ever built or that so many lives were lost (or many people got hurt according to little honey). No it was the flames! Don't you just love it when life throws you a curve and you get to learn all about it??

What did you learn today?

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