Friday, June 5, 2009


This is what I found when I went to check on little honey the other night. He had been in his room for about an hour. I guess he just finally pooped out!
I couldn't believe he was sleeping that way. And he was completely out. He didn't even wake when I moved him to a more comfortable position! Adorable!
Notice all of the blankets on the bed? Well first off, he has decided it is easier to sleep on top of his comforter so he doesn't have to make the bed in the morning!! Can you believe he has already figured that one out!! The others just get folded and momma has to do that! And these are replacement blankies. The "Right" blankie is missing.
The Right blankie is the only blankie that has comforted him since he was born. It is a nice large crochet blanket with ribbed edges. I believe dear hubby's great aunt made it for him. It has one special corner that is his "spot". He takes this corner (and trust me each corner is different - I have had to find the right one in the dark while half asleep and momma has it down!) and he gently rubs his cheek until he falls asleep. It is the cutest thing ever!
I was starting to worry that after 3 years of rubbing and washing it would start to fall apart. Well it finally did. And it was at the "spot"! One string came loose, which we could deal with and it stayed loose for about a month even with washing. THEN... little honey figured out he could pull the loose string and it would get longer... and longer. We finally took it away when we walked in and found little honey cocooned in the string. It was kinda scary!
Luckily my mom knows how to crochet - something I never learned. So she has said blankie and will hopefully be able to patch it up to perfection! Good Luck mom!
Then the very next night this is what I found when I went to check on him -
At least the majority of his body is on the bed! Such a little cutie! And he moved his pillow to the other end of the bed! Silly little boy!
Look at all his little boo boos on his legs. He really plays a lot and I guess bruises easily. Poor honey!
This night he did wake up a I was positioning him back into bed. He started talking in his sleep - if I haven't mentioned already he does this quite often!
He said " Momma I take these". Oh OK. What is he taking I wondered??
"Do you need any more?" I asked.
"No, this is enough." And with that he snuggled into his blanket and went off to sleep.
Sweet Dreams.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deanna Rose Fun

I love looking at the Black Swans! We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead last week with my women's group from church. What fun we had. It was nice getting out of the house to visit with friends instead of just errands with ourselves! Saw some baby ducks! Aren't they adorable!
Later, after playing on the big slides at the red barn - Little honey was ready to ride the tractors. This is the high light of his day at the farmstead. Nothing else is important but getting to the tractors!
He was starting to drive here. But gave up and went to another color. I guess he thought it would work better - but obviously not! So back to the green one and jsut using his feet to scoot!!
Gotta love his energy!
Today I am helping out at the agency again. Oh how I miss him when we are apart! They finally have someone else to help and I won't be needed for a while. A break will be nice - although the extra money was good! Oh well. Momma's gonna have to make more home made cleaners to save some money! I am really excited about my next one!! I will tell you about it later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thomas the Train

Hello Thomas! Well for this Sunday's Family day we went to see Thomas the Train. Fun was had by all - but the heat was intense!
You can see little honey is a little red from the heat. He did enjoy himself playing with the toy trains while he waited to ride the big train.
Here comes Thomas! It's finally time for his ride!
This is our second time to see Thomas and the tickets were a little pricey so momma decided it would be good for Daddy time with little honey. I just waited for them in the shade of a nice tree while they took a ride.
Here are my boys getting ready to board the train.
They decided to sit on an open air car, thinking the breeze would be better. I agree. Last time we rode it was in a normal passenger car and it was stuffy! Even though the windows came down (similar to a bus) it was a little hot.
The only down side to this car was no shade, and it was a little close to the caboose! Poor little honey's ears hurt and I guess he complained during most of the ride because the horn was too loud!!
Here is a better shot of what the car looked like and it was right next to the caboose!
Here is another car that was available. It was right next to the car that the boys rode. I would suggest this car if you are planning on going. I think I would have preferred this one as it was shaded! Momma needs to get out of the sun!! Too many freckles as it is, and sunscreen doesn't hide everything! There were also 2 or 3 regular passenger cars. After the ride, little honey was very HOT, and getting red and sweaty. We stayed a little while to jump in the bouncy thingy. What are those things really called? Moon walks? They also had a slide -

But alas, no sliding to be done on it. Not sure if it was the heat or just not slippery enough, but as you can see daddy is barely able to scoot down it!! It was the funniest thing to see!

Hope you have a chance to see Thomas. He will be in town for one more weekend. GO! HAVE FUN! They are only little once.

What did you do for your family day? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making Laundry Soap

Last week we started a new project. Making laundry soap! I have been seeing others make their own soap at home and thought I would try it. This is the post I found -at Cutting Coupons in KC. Anything to save a buck I say! This is what we bought at the store.

I got most of it at Wal-Mart - except for the Washing Soda. I had to get that at Hyvee. For everything below I spent $8.94. To make my first batch I used 1 bar of Ivory soap, 2 cups of Borax, 2 cups of Washing soda. Barely even a fraction of the boxes. This mixed with water in a 4 gallon bucket(which I just swiped from hubby's stash). Estimating this will yield me 6 regular size laundry detergent bottles, and using the rest of my ingredients will yield at least another 3 or 4 buckets (if I get more Ivory bars at $1 for 3) We are looking at 24 regular bottles for less than $10!! If I was buying 24 bottles of detergent it would cost me between $60 and $100 depending on if they are on sale or any coupons available! What a bargain!! Also next time I won't have to buy another grater, making the overall price even cheaper!! YEAH for me!! Little honey helping me grate the soap. Of course he has to smell it! I tried to catch him with the soap at his nose but missed it and caught a little corner of his smile! I noticed the larger opening on the grater was easier than the little holes. And man is this grater sharp! I grated off part of two finger nails along with the soap! I had to be very careful as I didn't want to lose another part of my finger like I did at Thanksgiving! After grating the soap we simmered it on the stove until it melted... Poured it into the bucket and then filled it up with warm water. Little honey really enjoyed using the sprayer!!

Bucket shot by little honey!! He wanted to take a picture, what's a momma to do? Little honey stirring it up after adding the Borax and Soda. Then added more hot water to the top. We let it sit over night to thicken and we used it the next day.

At first I didn't like the new detergent, but it is growing on me - especially the price!!! I have been using it for a week and it is not so bad. I did end up adding more of the soda and borax. It seems to make it thicker and look like regular detergent you would buy. I guess I am still hung up on the look of it!! To get the full recipe and tutorial go here. She has other ideas of homemade cleaning supplies that I am gonna have to give a try. Anything to save more money!!! Just a quick pic of upcoming tux! He did NOT want his picture taken!! So this is the best I could get...
Notice one dress shoe and one tennis shoe!! And still in his shorts!! I'm hoping the wedding day will be better than the fitting!! Only4 more days!!! I am starting to get nervous! Luckily as we were flipping channels yesterday I saw Little Bill - and he was a ring bearer in a wedding! So Little honey at least got to see a glimpse of what it might be like. Send your prayers that there won't be too big of a scene in the middle of the church!!!
Will you try to make any homemade cleaners? I think it is fun and now I know what is actually in the cleaners I am using - especially my homemade window cleaner. I will post about it later. Tell me what you think.


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