Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deanna Rose Fun

I love looking at the Black Swans! We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead last week with my women's group from church. What fun we had. It was nice getting out of the house to visit with friends instead of just errands with ourselves! Saw some baby ducks! Aren't they adorable!
Later, after playing on the big slides at the red barn - Little honey was ready to ride the tractors. This is the high light of his day at the farmstead. Nothing else is important but getting to the tractors!
He was starting to drive here. But gave up and went to another color. I guess he thought it would work better - but obviously not! So back to the green one and jsut using his feet to scoot!!
Gotta love his energy!
Today I am helping out at the agency again. Oh how I miss him when we are apart! They finally have someone else to help and I won't be needed for a while. A break will be nice - although the extra money was good! Oh well. Momma's gonna have to make more home made cleaners to save some money! I am really excited about my next one!! I will tell you about it later.

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