Friday, June 5, 2009


This is what I found when I went to check on little honey the other night. He had been in his room for about an hour. I guess he just finally pooped out!
I couldn't believe he was sleeping that way. And he was completely out. He didn't even wake when I moved him to a more comfortable position! Adorable!
Notice all of the blankets on the bed? Well first off, he has decided it is easier to sleep on top of his comforter so he doesn't have to make the bed in the morning!! Can you believe he has already figured that one out!! The others just get folded and momma has to do that! And these are replacement blankies. The "Right" blankie is missing.
The Right blankie is the only blankie that has comforted him since he was born. It is a nice large crochet blanket with ribbed edges. I believe dear hubby's great aunt made it for him. It has one special corner that is his "spot". He takes this corner (and trust me each corner is different - I have had to find the right one in the dark while half asleep and momma has it down!) and he gently rubs his cheek until he falls asleep. It is the cutest thing ever!
I was starting to worry that after 3 years of rubbing and washing it would start to fall apart. Well it finally did. And it was at the "spot"! One string came loose, which we could deal with and it stayed loose for about a month even with washing. THEN... little honey figured out he could pull the loose string and it would get longer... and longer. We finally took it away when we walked in and found little honey cocooned in the string. It was kinda scary!
Luckily my mom knows how to crochet - something I never learned. So she has said blankie and will hopefully be able to patch it up to perfection! Good Luck mom!
Then the very next night this is what I found when I went to check on him -
At least the majority of his body is on the bed! Such a little cutie! And he moved his pillow to the other end of the bed! Silly little boy!
Look at all his little boo boos on his legs. He really plays a lot and I guess bruises easily. Poor honey!
This night he did wake up a I was positioning him back into bed. He started talking in his sleep - if I haven't mentioned already he does this quite often!
He said " Momma I take these". Oh OK. What is he taking I wondered??
"Do you need any more?" I asked.
"No, this is enough." And with that he snuggled into his blanket and went off to sleep.
Sweet Dreams.

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