Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thomas the Train

Hello Thomas! Well for this Sunday's Family day we went to see Thomas the Train. Fun was had by all - but the heat was intense!
You can see little honey is a little red from the heat. He did enjoy himself playing with the toy trains while he waited to ride the big train.
Here comes Thomas! It's finally time for his ride!
This is our second time to see Thomas and the tickets were a little pricey so momma decided it would be good for Daddy time with little honey. I just waited for them in the shade of a nice tree while they took a ride.
Here are my boys getting ready to board the train.
They decided to sit on an open air car, thinking the breeze would be better. I agree. Last time we rode it was in a normal passenger car and it was stuffy! Even though the windows came down (similar to a bus) it was a little hot.
The only down side to this car was no shade, and it was a little close to the caboose! Poor little honey's ears hurt and I guess he complained during most of the ride because the horn was too loud!!
Here is a better shot of what the car looked like and it was right next to the caboose!
Here is another car that was available. It was right next to the car that the boys rode. I would suggest this car if you are planning on going. I think I would have preferred this one as it was shaded! Momma needs to get out of the sun!! Too many freckles as it is, and sunscreen doesn't hide everything! There were also 2 or 3 regular passenger cars. After the ride, little honey was very HOT, and getting red and sweaty. We stayed a little while to jump in the bouncy thingy. What are those things really called? Moon walks? They also had a slide -

But alas, no sliding to be done on it. Not sure if it was the heat or just not slippery enough, but as you can see daddy is barely able to scoot down it!! It was the funniest thing to see!

Hope you have a chance to see Thomas. He will be in town for one more weekend. GO! HAVE FUN! They are only little once.

What did you do for your family day? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Have a great day!

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