Thursday, July 23, 2009

More homemade

I found this wonderful website with great ideas to save money by making things yourself. Living Easy. Lisa writes about Recession Buster Tips & Recipes to stretch your $$. This I am all about!!! I really like her ideas and recipes - easy to follow and fun!
I wanted to start with the croutons. Sounded easy enough. It started with this wonderful loaf of sourdough bread from Panera that my parents gave us. What a blessing! Thanks mom & dad!
This is how they looked after taking them out of the oven. Sorry the picture is blurry - having trouble with my camera lately.
It made more than enough for us as you can see in this picture - again sorry for the bad picture.
I made another batch since I had so much bread... but alas they got stale before we used them all. Have you made anything homemade lately?? Check out this site and tell me what you think.


Lisa B. said...

Nice to see you entered the giveaway!

Thanks for the mention and link love also. Hope you find many more interesting things at my site that you can use!

Just Jenny said...

YES! thanks for the great ideas!!


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