Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boat Captain or Handy Man??

What will little honey be this week??
Here is little honey getting ready to drive the boat at Papa's lake house. He has so much fun driving the boat. He always wants to rev it up!! Labor Day weekend wasn't the best weather to go to the lake - but the getaway was nice! While we were there hubby wanted to drive to Springfield and visit some tool store. So off we went on Saturday. While we were there little honey found a junior worker outfit and of course batted his eyes and smiled and Nana bought it for him!! He is so spoiled! Here is the little worker now. As soon as we got home from church on Sunday he had to put it on immediately!! A True Worker indeed!!! Check out the rocket underwear!! Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend ~ now back to work!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Was the new background a seasonal change? It's really nice - your photos are easier to see. AJ is getting so big - and I bet only a half smile still would have scored a present from Nana!
Aunt T.


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