Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday - - School Day!!!!

Ok the much anticipated day came and went. Little honey went to school today!!

Of course, dressed like daddy in car t-shirt and jeans!! This is starting to be his favorite attire!!
Momma is NOT happy about this.

Hubby and I had decided that going to a preschool for a few days a week would be good to get some socialization in. We visited last week and it was decided that we would start today. Little honey was somewhat excited. We have been talking it up for a few days now. We even had to go to the store and get a new back pack. Of course little honey picked the biggest back pack in the store!! No changing his mind on it either.

Can you believe how big this thing is?? And he loves it!

He told me we could not take the camera to school and take pictures as it might hurt someones eyes there!! He is always looking out for the other guy!!

Momma was sad. He wanted me to stay at first, but as soon as we walked in the building he ran to his classroom and never looked back!!! Oh, how heart broken momma was today...

I know this will do him some good. We are still doing school work at home this will just help push him along faster. I have to keep thinking positive thoughts and know that this is for him...not ME!!!!

Oh what's a momma to do???


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh!! How adorable! Let me know how he does on his first day! Love the backpack!!


Chef Eureka said...

Hi! Nice to meet you, saw you on the EC forum!

Just Jenny said...

he did great! Momma was a little sad. I will get into a groove soon I'm sure!!
As long as he likes it!!

Stacie said...

He looks like he is really excited! Hope he has a great time!


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