Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New project for our dog door

If you own a dog you might have a dog door like we do. Ours is located in the basement in the third garage. It is unfinished, but still connected to our house! As the weather is getting colder and colder everyday, I could feel the draft coming from the dog door. My sewing machines and craft tables are on the other side of the basement and VERY cold!! We have a metal door that slides in place over the dog door, but it is mainly to keep the dog in or out - NOT for weather proofing! There is about a one inch space between the dog door and the metal door. So I had an idea to make a  'cushion insulator' (if you will for lack of a better name) to help insulate this gap.

This is what I came up with ~

Pretty, huh??? Don't ya just love the animal print? It is just scrap fabric from some old pillows I had. Just reused it so I wouldn't waste any of my good fabric. You're jealous - I know!

Well I made a little slide show of how I created this little insulator - in case you want to make one to!
This is the before - I know, the dog door is a little dirty! But that is for another day!

First I cut a piece of 1 inch foam I had left over from some project. I cut it a little smaller than the measurement of our dog door.

Then I measured the fabric and cut it just a little bit bigger than my foam piece. Sewed around three sides and finished the edges.

After putting the cover on the foam - it should fit snug. I hand sewed the bottom edge of the cover. Tada! - here is the finished insulator ~

I just pushed it in place before putting the metal door cover on.

Done! And No more drafts!! I LOVE IT!! This was so easy to make and will help save us money this winter!!
And this is what Junior did while I fixed his doggy door ~

Isn't he so cute sleeping on my pillows!! UGH!!! Well, at least I remembered to cover the couch with an old sheet first!!

Hope you liked it!

What do you plan on doing this winter to help save money on electric bills? Help give me some other ideas!!


rlvd said...

not only a grand idea, but an adorable outcome!! Hmm, to save money this winter: well, there was a closed door to our upstairs til a few months ago, so I'm worried about the cost of heating increasing. We use blinds to let in light for heat in the day and closed at night to block the cold.

Katherine Your Avon Lady said...

Great idea Jenny. well done! Lovely the leopard print too. :-) Katherine

Just Jenny said...

I open my blinds, too! I can really tell on the sunny days that the house is warmer.

JulieMom said...

Great idea! Looks cute too...and covers the dirt. LOL. :0)


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