Thursday, October 1, 2009

out of commission ~

My computer got corrupted! I was attacked and now can't use it! UGH! I hate it when something like this happens! So on my parents computer to update everyone on my status. Hopefully this will be taken care of I have great things coming soon.

My blog Anniversary and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

So stay tuned...we will be back to regular broadcasting shortly....


THE GUYS said...

Good luck! What a drag!!

Happy Friday.

Anna said...

Poor you. My computer had to be "gutted" after it crashed about ten days ago, and I still haven't put back all the programs that I need in order to blog properly.
Take heart!
Best wishes
Chistina Wigren (Anna)

Lynne said...

Same thing happened to our desktop and we still can't figure out what to do with it. Total pain in the behind. Now we're down to all sharing my laptop and it stinks!


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