Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday fun...

Well Saturday we had a blast - cold and windy - but we had fun nun the less! A local paving company supported a community festival with activities, blow up slides and BIG TRUCKS!!!! Poppy found the info in the local paper and called to let us know  - about 10 minutes before it started! So off we rushed to see the big trucks!! Little honey had SOOOO much fun!!

So did Mommy!

and looks like Grandma and Poppy did too!

They had a bus that drove you thru the rock quary and showed them breaking up the rock and putting it in the dump trucks to take to the CRUSHER! I wish I would have taken a picture of the quary - my all time dream is to one day swim in a "Quary LAKE" that is created after they dig and drill. I don't know why this fascinates me so, maybe it is the pretty blue green of the water and how pretty it looks with rock walls all around. Maybe it is the thrill of the jump off the top of the rock wall down into the water?? Maybe it is hollywood portraying the fun in the movies? I dunno - but I want to do it someday before I die!

On with our day...They took us to the lab to see what is involved in quality control -

Who knew so much went into ROCKS?? This is all the rocks/steps that go into pavement! Six types and also the oil! WOW! I love to learn something new every day!
Little honey really enjoyed climbing in and on the trucks!

We climbed the huge slide and had an incident -

Mommy got stuck at the bottom of the first slide!!!

I hate it when that happens! But little honey helped me up! It was all fun!
Thanks Apac for the Fun day! I wanted to email them and tell them the blast we had - but couldn't even find their website. Oh well! If anyone finds it (the local Olathe site) please let me know!

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