Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Ok so I have checked my list and I have 28 gifts that I need to get for Christmas! And that is not including my hubby or my son! So at least 30 are needed!!! Each year I freak out because we need to get so many! My hubby's family gets together every year - which I LOVE! But getting presents for all of the cousins is getting harder and harder. Especially since they are getting older and getting boyfriends and getting married! So the list keeps getting bigger! I should really mention drawing names - at least for us cousins! What a great idea! Hello out there - can us cousins do that next year, PLEASE???

What ever happened to just remembering the day. And the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Why is it always about presents? I wish we could all just get together and celebrate family. Have a big dinner and just enjoy one another??

OK I am done ranting... on to the presents...

This year we are on a really tight budget. So most of my gifts will be handmade by me. I have about half of them planned out and one already completed!!! YEAH!!! One down and 27 to go!! WOOHOO!! I should start a countdown! I will try and post most of them - but I know some little eyes are reading and I have to hide some of them!!!

Also little honey is only getting one gift from us (store bought) for his birthday on Dec. 17th ( I am making a few smaller things he will enjoy) and one store bought gift for Christmas. He has WAY TOO MANY TOYS!!! I do not want to add to that list. And most of the people on my #28 list will be getting him a toy for both occasions so he will have WAY MORE than he needs!

But...I did have to break my rule of only one gift. I found a great bargain at Target that I couldn't pass up. A Mr. Potato Head Santa Spud for .99!! Thanks Cutting Coupons in KC!! See I told you she has some good info!!

Can you believe it! I googled it and it is selling on Amazon for over $11! and you would still need to pay shipping!! It is a regular size Mr. Potato Head!
OK here is the lowdown on how to get one. Go HERE to print off a coupon. You will have to scroll thru the pages to find the $5.00 off Hasbro Mr. Potato Spud coupon. There is another one for $3 off a regular, but this is a SPUD. Then go to Target and get one. They are regular price $5.99. So all you pay is .99 + tax! You can print the coupon twice and get two!!! They are a little hard to find - if you go to a regular Target store they are by the Christmas trees and the other Christmas goodies. If you go to a Super Target it is up front by the food section, in front of the pharmacy. You know where they put the Halloween Candy - hidden. I had to ask an associate - and we still couldn't find them. But he was able to locate them in the stock room and just got them for me!
I got one for little honey and one for my niece! ?Yeah! Her present is almost complete! I am making her something special for her room - more on that later...

So run out and get a little bargain!


rlvd said...

Drawing names is a life-saver...we do it w/ Rob's family. His parents get something for each person, and the rest of us (adults and children) draw names. My thing now is I'm starting to want maybe the adults and kids separate. Oh, and right now, we get off easy b/c we only have to buy for two people when his sister needs to buy for 5 b/c they have 3 kids!! Let's invent some cool tradition that isn't a hassle! ;)

Just Jenny said...

I agree!!!


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