Friday, November 20, 2009

First Gifts!

Here is a little craft and mini tutorial for an easy, fun gift for a little girl/tween  in your life. This first one I made for hubby's cousin. I think this will be my last year to make her anything cutesy as she will soon be a TEEN!

I found this idea in Family Fun magazine - they found it on a blog goody-goody. Super CUTE! She used different fabrics on each section of her letter - but for my first one I made the letter "C" so not as easy to mix fabrics. Also they state their letters are about 5 -6 inches tall! HA! I made mine 2 Feet tall!! Got To Be BOLD I say!!

Here is what I did. Since we are budgeting I am really trying NOT to buy any more supplies. I didn't have any of the paper wrapped floral wire so I improvised. Hubby had some wire that wasn't too thick - still bendable. After I bent it into the shape I wanted, I wrapped it in floral tape I had lying around. I don't think this is required- but it did bulk up the wire and help the fabric to stay on better. Without the sticky of the tape I think the fabric would have just slipped off my wire.

I cut my fabric in strips about one inch wide. I started at one end with a little hot glue and started wrapping the fabric strips around and around. When one ended I put a little dab of glue and then started another strip.

Here is little honey with the extra supplies, flowers, buttons, lace and ribbon. He really had fun helping me!

And here is the final view -

I just got done with a letter "A" and a letter "B" for my neices. Funny -  I didn't realize I would be making ABC's for Christmas until now!!!

WooHoo! Three Gifts done! Three out of 28 gifts DONE!! Now 25 to go...
I will keep you posted on my next completed gifts soon!
What do you think?


rlvd said...

you are so creative and crafty! good thinkin!

Anonymous said...

You're three up on me. I'm still in the planning stage!


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