Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Little Pony...I mean Honey...

So last night I went to my Ladies Group. Little honey went with me cuz daddy had to work. It wasn't a big deal - except I knew he wouldn't like the pot luck dinner we were gonna eat. So I left a little early and drove thru McDonald's. My favorite fast food restuarant.

As we were pulling up to the order box at the drive thru, little honey is getting hysterical in the back seat..."MOMMA, MOMMA, I WANT THE PONY". Pony, what pony? We are here to get him chicky and fries, there are no ponies here! What was he thinking?

WELL, apparently WHAT WAS MOMMA THINKING? There are ponies at Mc'D's! My Little Pony to be exact - and PINK no less. A PINK PONY was the only thing that little honey wanted. So I ordered a GIRL happy meal - which I don't think I have ever done since having my son and never thought I would. BUT, times are a changing, and sometimes little boys want Pink Ponies.

My only fear was that I order a girl happy meal. They give me a pony. And it won't be PINK. So I tried to prepare little honey with the fact that it could be purple or red or another color. They always do that - you know, show one product and you always get a different one. As we inched our way closer to the pick up window...another fear popped in my head...

What if they look thru our car window and see that I don't have a girl in the car and they refuse to give me a PONY????? So I quickly rolled up the back window so he couldn't be seen.

I got the bag..opened it up...and guess what we got??

A PINK PONY!!! WOOHOO!! Momma is safe! But when little honey saw that it came with a little comb - he didn't want it. Of course we were already 3 blocks away from Mc'D's. He wanted me to turn around so we could take the little comb back! What a little rascal!! As I was reaching out my hand to take the comb - he decided it might be a good idea to keep it!

The rest of the night went off without a hitch. Little honey was having a blast combing the mane of Pink Pony - which by the way he named "Pinky".

Now...I just have to worry about what daddy will say when he finds out I got little honey a PINK PONY!!!


rlvd said...

oh, you're such a good mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

How funny! I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. My nephew went through a phase for a few weeks where he wanted to wear my niece's dress up princess dresses. This is the same little boy who loves to go fishing with his dad every weekend.

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about McD's -- most of the time they'll even let you request a color or toy regardless of the gender of your child.


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