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Monday, December 21, 2009

teacher gift

What to get Teacher for the Holidays?

I knew this was little honey's first teacher and I wanted to get her something. I didn't know what. But knew we don't have a lot of money to spend so I knew it had to be homemade. Well I searched and searched the internet for some cute ideas. I found quite a lot of ideas. Very excited for the upcoming summer break to share more.
But for Winter/Christmas I needed something. This is what I found...

Sorry it is a little hard to read but this a pair of gloves and a note that reads

reaching out
Thank you for what you
do with your hands.

Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?? I loved it! And anyone can do this!! No sewing or crafty skills required!! I found it at Poppies at Play. They have some really neat gift ideas and decorating ideas! I just wish I had their neat fonts! I searched the internet but couldn't find the exact one she used for the LOVING. Oh well!

I am so excited I found their blog! Thanks ladies for the great teacher gift idea and other ideas that I am still finding on your site!!!

One more gift done!!!

still here...

OK a little slow on posts this month.


I am still a little sick. I know, I know. I am finally going to the doctor today.

Little honey had his Christmas program at school. He was a hoot! 80% of the time he was saluting us like a little soldier! I have no idea how that started! The rest of the time he was being silly as seen below in the pic -

Well, Little honey turned 4 last week! It has been an amazing four years! I can't believe he has been in our lives that long! Time sure flies by when your having fun!! To read more about our adoption experience go HERE.

Well hubby and I pondered and pondered what to get little honey. We didn't want to spend much and he already has too many toys! So momma found a little Hot Wheel race track on sale!! Yipee!!

And momma found.....

a little puppy! His name is Archie. I found him at the pound in K.C. down the street from the stadium. And he was a sponsered adoption so we didn't have to pay the normal adoption fee!! It was definately meant to be! I have been looking for about a month to find the "right" puppy or dog. Believe me we found him! He is such a lover and cuddler!

Little honey is Very Happy!

Just look at those Big Ears!! He is part beagle and hound! I just love to rub his ears - they are so soft!!

Junior - our other dog is still not used to the new puppy. He is a little hesitant. But he is also 9 years old and pretty set in his ways. I tried to get a picture of the two dogs together - but Junior wasn't having that! Maybe in a few weeks I will post one.

Little honey also got the Little People Nativity Set from Grandma and Poppie! Thanks guys! He loves to play with it and make it sing. It is really neat - I would suggest getting it for your little honeys if you don't already have it!

Ok - off to the doctor now...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Been Sick....

I hate it when that happens! I have been sick with a Horrible Head Cold all week! Sniffing and Sneezing and starting to cough. Haven't gotten a thing done.
Behind on my posts.
Behind on my Christmas gift making.
Behind on Decorating for Christmas - although I did manage to get the outside Christmas trees up last week right as I was feeling the pain in my head. And I did get our Christmas tree up inside - but No decorations or lights on yet. Just a lone pine tree in the corner of the living room. Bare naked!!

Saturday I did manage to take little honey to the Small Mall. Do you remember going to those as a child? I don't remember it being called a small mall but it was a fun place to shop, with my money money my parents gave me to shop with and I could buy what ever I wanted for them!

I don't remember much of what I bought but I did enjoy picking things out and getting them wrapped and hiding them under the tree until Christmas. I  remember one year I bought - a plastic onion with a weird face that you put baking soda in to hide the weird onion smell and it went in the fridge. Of course this brilliant gift was for my mom. I don't think she remembers getting it, but I was so proud to give it to her.

I think I also got her a kitchen timer another year - and guess what she STILL HAS IT!!! I know I give you a hard time about this mom. But it is funny! I know you have had the thing at least 25 years! At least! and the silly thing is still working - well at least I hope it is if she still has it!

Well Little honey didn't quite understand the purpose of shopping on his own with said money. Plus he hadn't had a nap that day which didn't help. So momma had to go shopping with him and help pick out presents. Lucky too! Cuz otherwise daddy would have gotten a trailer hitch cover that was the shape of a shot gun shell! I won't give the details of the gifts. I will wait til Christmas to show you!!

Hope your week has been better than mine!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Gift completed!

Well as I mentioned in my other gift post I have already completed one gift!

Here is a glimpse of what I made -

Knitted dishcloths for male cousin who just got his first house! Notice the manly colors I picked. He is into hunting and camo so I thought it was only fitting!

I did add a little something extra. I had just enough yarn left to make a little scrubbie. I added a large wooden button. I bet you are wondering WHY? well I found this somewhere on the internet and I can't find out where. But the button is used as a scraper! Like how you would use a wooden spoon! Isn't that the neatest idea ever? So I had to use it! I am really trying to go green and be as useful as I can.

The next step will be to find  a unique way to wrap his gift. Have you ever thought of tin cans? You know the kind you have left over from canned veggies.

I found this on The Idea Room Cute idea to save your cans and have the recipient open them! Someone else who commented on her blog mentioned using the pop top cans like Cambell's soup and open the bottom so the recipient can open it with the pop top! That sounds like a good idea.
You need a special can opener like a smooth edge can opener that cuts the lid off around the side and makes a little lid.
 Put your special gift in - whatever fits. Glue on the lid, wrap some pretty paper around the can and Voila!

I tried it with my can opener - but my can opener is different than hers - and I don't want to go out and get a new one! I can't get the lid to stay glued on - and I have tried 3 different types of glue. Just not enough can to hold onto.   Well off to find another way to wrap it!!

One more done! 24 to go!!
So what are your special holiday gifts? Are you making anything? Please let me know!


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