Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Gift completed!

Well as I mentioned in my other gift post I have already completed one gift!

Here is a glimpse of what I made -

Knitted dishcloths for male cousin who just got his first house! Notice the manly colors I picked. He is into hunting and camo so I thought it was only fitting!

I did add a little something extra. I had just enough yarn left to make a little scrubbie. I added a large wooden button. I bet you are wondering WHY? well I found this somewhere on the internet and I can't find out where. But the button is used as a scraper! Like how you would use a wooden spoon! Isn't that the neatest idea ever? So I had to use it! I am really trying to go green and be as useful as I can.

The next step will be to find  a unique way to wrap his gift. Have you ever thought of tin cans? You know the kind you have left over from canned veggies.

I found this on The Idea Room Cute idea to save your cans and have the recipient open them! Someone else who commented on her blog mentioned using the pop top cans like Cambell's soup and open the bottom so the recipient can open it with the pop top! That sounds like a good idea.
You need a special can opener like a smooth edge can opener that cuts the lid off around the side and makes a little lid.
 Put your special gift in - whatever fits. Glue on the lid, wrap some pretty paper around the can and Voila!

I tried it with my can opener - but my can opener is different than hers - and I don't want to go out and get a new one! I can't get the lid to stay glued on - and I have tried 3 different types of glue. Just not enough can to hold onto.   Well off to find another way to wrap it!!

One more done! 24 to go!!
So what are your special holiday gifts? Are you making anything? Please let me know!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Those are really cool, and I love the idea of the button! I was planning on making some gifts this year but haven't yet - need to get started I suppose! :) Love your blog - thanks for stopping my mine! :)

Just Jenny said...

thanks sarah!

I am trying to get these gifts done! It is hard this year as I have been sicky! YUCK!


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