Friday, December 11, 2009

Been Sick....

I hate it when that happens! I have been sick with a Horrible Head Cold all week! Sniffing and Sneezing and starting to cough. Haven't gotten a thing done.
Behind on my posts.
Behind on my Christmas gift making.
Behind on Decorating for Christmas - although I did manage to get the outside Christmas trees up last week right as I was feeling the pain in my head. And I did get our Christmas tree up inside - but No decorations or lights on yet. Just a lone pine tree in the corner of the living room. Bare naked!!

Saturday I did manage to take little honey to the Small Mall. Do you remember going to those as a child? I don't remember it being called a small mall but it was a fun place to shop, with my money money my parents gave me to shop with and I could buy what ever I wanted for them!

I don't remember much of what I bought but I did enjoy picking things out and getting them wrapped and hiding them under the tree until Christmas. I  remember one year I bought - a plastic onion with a weird face that you put baking soda in to hide the weird onion smell and it went in the fridge. Of course this brilliant gift was for my mom. I don't think she remembers getting it, but I was so proud to give it to her.

I think I also got her a kitchen timer another year - and guess what she STILL HAS IT!!! I know I give you a hard time about this mom. But it is funny! I know you have had the thing at least 25 years! At least! and the silly thing is still working - well at least I hope it is if she still has it!

Well Little honey didn't quite understand the purpose of shopping on his own with said money. Plus he hadn't had a nap that day which didn't help. So momma had to go shopping with him and help pick out presents. Lucky too! Cuz otherwise daddy would have gotten a trailer hitch cover that was the shape of a shot gun shell! I won't give the details of the gifts. I will wait til Christmas to show you!!

Hope your week has been better than mine!


rlvd said...

hope you're feelin' better...

how are your Christmas gift projects going?

I've got to make a pair of earrings for my sis in law and paint a wooden train for my nephew :)

Just Jenny said...

starting to feel better - thanks for asking.
Still behind on my CHristmas gifts!

Little honey's birthday was the 17th and we have a new occupant in the house!!! I am behind on blogging!UGH!

rlvd said...

hmmm, is the new occupant a pet??!


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