Monday, December 21, 2009

still here...

OK a little slow on posts this month.


I am still a little sick. I know, I know. I am finally going to the doctor today.

Little honey had his Christmas program at school. He was a hoot! 80% of the time he was saluting us like a little soldier! I have no idea how that started! The rest of the time he was being silly as seen below in the pic -

Well, Little honey turned 4 last week! It has been an amazing four years! I can't believe he has been in our lives that long! Time sure flies by when your having fun!! To read more about our adoption experience go HERE.

Well hubby and I pondered and pondered what to get little honey. We didn't want to spend much and he already has too many toys! So momma found a little Hot Wheel race track on sale!! Yipee!!

And momma found.....

a little puppy! His name is Archie. I found him at the pound in K.C. down the street from the stadium. And he was a sponsered adoption so we didn't have to pay the normal adoption fee!! It was definately meant to be! I have been looking for about a month to find the "right" puppy or dog. Believe me we found him! He is such a lover and cuddler!

Little honey is Very Happy!

Just look at those Big Ears!! He is part beagle and hound! I just love to rub his ears - they are so soft!!

Junior - our other dog is still not used to the new puppy. He is a little hesitant. But he is also 9 years old and pretty set in his ways. I tried to get a picture of the two dogs together - but Junior wasn't having that! Maybe in a few weeks I will post one.

Little honey also got the Little People Nativity Set from Grandma and Poppie! Thanks guys! He loves to play with it and make it sing. It is really neat - I would suggest getting it for your little honeys if you don't already have it!

Ok - off to the doctor now...


rlvd said...

those ears are something else!! he has such cute eyes, too :)

what'd the doctor have to say?

Just Jenny said...

Have a sinus infection! YUCK! and got antibiotics.
Hopefully this will finally clear up - I have been sick off and on now for over 3 weeks!!!
I am so behind on my gift making!
and my blog, and my emails - wait - you already know that!!


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