Monday, December 21, 2009

teacher gift

What to get Teacher for the Holidays?

I knew this was little honey's first teacher and I wanted to get her something. I didn't know what. But knew we don't have a lot of money to spend so I knew it had to be homemade. Well I searched and searched the internet for some cute ideas. I found quite a lot of ideas. Very excited for the upcoming summer break to share more.
But for Winter/Christmas I needed something. This is what I found...

Sorry it is a little hard to read but this a pair of gloves and a note that reads

reaching out
Thank you for what you
do with your hands.

Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen?? I loved it! And anyone can do this!! No sewing or crafty skills required!! I found it at Poppies at Play. They have some really neat gift ideas and decorating ideas! I just wish I had their neat fonts! I searched the internet but couldn't find the exact one she used for the LOVING. Oh well!

I am so excited I found their blog! Thanks ladies for the great teacher gift idea and other ideas that I am still finding on your site!!!

One more gift done!!!

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