Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas from Lite Brite and little honey ♥

Little Honey says "Merry Christmas to You!"

I have been cleaning out the spare bedroom and getting it ready to move little honey in it! He is finally getting a Big Bed now that he is 5!! WOOHOO! Cleaning out the closet I found hubby's Lite Brite - yes you heard me - hubby has kept his Lite Brite from when he was little and I finally got it out on Monday for little honey to play with. I had one but who knows what happened to it over the years. When I opened the box there were about 20+ pages that had never been used! Guess hubby didn't like it that much!!

Well little honey and I had a blast putting in the correct colors to make a Choo Choo train first - but we forgot to take a picture :( He wanted to do the snow man next and this time we remembered!.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taking a Few days off...

I am taking a few days off to enjoy the holidays to spend time with the family.

Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas and Enjoy the New Year!!

I'm hoping for Snow so we can go sledding!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I tried something new ♥

So the other day I tried something new. Not new in general - just new to me! A new food - A Pomegranate! Now some of you may be laughing - but this is a big deal. I don't usually veer out of my comfort zone when it comes to food. For fruit - I grew up on bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and occasional grapefruit, pineapple or strawberries. That is pretty much it to my fruit experience as a child. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When we had little honey, hubby and I decided we would expand his food repertoire and try new fruits. To most they aren't that exciting - but a new flavor in the mouth is weird

I tried pears (all different colors - red, brown, green and yellow), peaches and apricots (hubby and little honey really like - me not so much), eggplant, kiwi, mango, star fruit (weird but pretty), plums, cherries (again not my favorite - but the boys LOVE them), plus many more I can't remember. But lastly we tried the
I had been wanting to try it for a while - but was afraid of the little pieces and not knowing how to eat it or cut it. I know I am a little OCD about somethings But I don't like to try something new and do it WRONG - call me weird if you may...

Well last Sunday at church I noticed on the snack menu that the kids were going to eat pomegranate! What trying something new at church! Again a little weirded out. I couldn't wait until after service to ask little honey what he thought of the new fruit.

When I finally got the chance to ask him what he thought - he liked it! WOW! I was shocked since the past few months have been a little iffy on the food front as to what he will eat. So at my next grocery trip I noticed the pomegranates were on sale and thought I would try. Lucky me the pomegranate growers had made a cute little pamphlet to show you how to cut and wash and eat them! Yeah- nothing could go wrong now!

I was so thankful for the pictures in the pamphlet as I would have totally cut it all wrong. I noticed that as I was slicing there was a slight smell similar to cauliflower - just not as strong! The meaty portion(like the pulpy stuff in oranges) is what smelled. VERY INTERESTING. Wonder if anyone else noticed that? The little fruit pieces were so cute. They look like corn kernels! Just smooshed all together in one round container! My hands got a little red breaking the little pieces out - but luckily they just washed off no stains

They aren't my favorite. A little hard - maybe mine wasn't very ripe? But I did like the juice that squirted when you bite into them! Very Fun! I cheated and just bit them and then spit them out! (I felt a little like Madagascar when they drank the salt water and then spit it out!) But fun none the less!

Am I weird? Do you try new things or is this all old news to you?

Please let me know I'm normal today

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas thoughts

Nice Email I got that I wanted to share....

Letter from Jesus about Christmas

It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking My name out of the season.

How I personally feel about this celebration can probably be most easily understood by those of you who have been blessed with children of your own. I don't care what you call the day. If you want to celebrate My birth, just GET ALONG AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Now, having said that let Me go on. If it bothers you that the town in which you live doesn't allow a scene depicting My birth, then just get rid of a couple of Santas and snowmen and put in a small Nativity scene on your own front lawn. If all My followers did that there wouldn't be any need for such a scene on the town square because there would be many of them all around town.

Stop worrying about the fact that people are calling the tree a holiday tree, instead of a Christmas tree. It was I who made all trees. You can remember Me anytime you see any tree.

Decorate a grape vine if you wish: I actually spoke of that one in a teaching, explaining who I am in relation to you and what each of our tasks were. If you have forgotten that one, look up John 15: 1-8.

If you want to give Me a present in remembrance of My birth here is my wish list. Choose something from it:

1. Instead of writing protest letters objecting to the way My birthday is being celebrated, write letters of love and hope to soldiers away from home. They are terribly afraid and lonely this time of year. I know, they tell Me all the time.

2. Visit someone in a nursing home. You don't have to know them personally. They just need to know that someone cares about them.

3. Instead of writing the President complaining about the wording on the cards his staff sent out this year, why don't you write and tell him that you'll be praying for him and his family this year. Then follow up... It will be nice hearing from you again.

4. Instead of giving your children a lot of gifts you can't afford and they don't need, spend time with them. Tell them the story of My birth, and why I came to live with you down here. Hold them in your arms and remind them that I love them.

5. Pick someone that has hurt you in the past and forgive him or her.

6. Did you know that someone in your town will attempt to take their own life this season because they feel so alone and hopeless? Since you don't know who that person is, try giving everyone you meet a warm smile; it could make the difference.

7. Instead of nit picking about what the retailer in your town calls the holiday, be patient with the people who work there. Give them a warm smile and a kind word. Even if they aren't allowed to wish you a "Merry Christmas" that doesn't keep you from wishing them one. Then stop shopping there on Sunday. If the store didn't make so much money on that day they'd close and let their employees spend the day at home with their families.

8. If you really want to make a difference, support a missionary-- especially one who takes My love and Good News to those who have never heard My name.

9. Here's a good one. There are individuals and whole families in your town who not only will have no "Christmas" tree, but neither will they have any presents to give or receive. If you don't know them, buy some food and a few gifts and give them to the Salvation Army or some other charity which believes in Me and they will make the delivery for you.

10. Finally, if you want to make a statement about your belief in and loyalty to Me, then behave like a Christian.. Don't do things in secret that you wouldn't do in My presence. Let people know by your actions that you are one of mine.

Don't forget; I am Jesus and can take care of Myself. Just love Me and do what I have told you to do. I'll take care of all the rest. Check out the list above and get to work; time is short. I'll help you, but the ball is now in your court. And do have a most blessed Christmas with all those whom you love and remember:


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Be Thankful

Remember everything God has given to you and be truly thankful this Holiday weekend.

~ I am thankful for my Husband. He works hard to support our family and he is growing spiritually everyday!
Thank you God!
~ I am thankful for my Son. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful child and he is so energetic about learning the Word of God.
Thank you Jesus!
~ I am thankful for my health and my family's health! God is the Healer!
Thank you Almighty Lord!

~ I could write all night about the things I am thankful for - but the most important thing I'm thankful for is that God loves me! And He showers me with His Grace!

What are some things You are Thankful for?

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Show and Tell and McCall's pattern review

Here is a long missing post - I thought I had posted this earlier - but alas I noticed it was never published! Sorry for late update on Halloween!

Little honey wanted to be a race car driver! He got the helmet from his cousin back in August! Ever since he has talked non stop about race car drivers. I really have not figured him out yet - we never talk of race cars or races. We don't watch any nor do we know anyone who watches them. We do have ONE lone book about some race car driver - although at the moment I can't remember his name!!!
But we do have hundreds of Hot Wheels. And I do mean hundreds as hubby and I counted them one day - and it seems he gets a new one at least once a week! We,Hubby-you, have, got, to, stop, buying, them!!!

We went to the Adoption Agency for the annual Halloween party. One of the video/camera guys took pictures of all the kids. Aren't they cute?
This one is at preschool -
So here is the pattern I used ~
McCall's MP368 -sorry about the big crease - it was in my purse for a few weeks until I found just the right weight of fabric hubby wanted me to use ♥
Weird the instruction sheet says M5952. Not really sure what pattern number McCall's is using??

I was not really impressed with the pattern instructions.
Luckily I have been sewing now for over 30 years..oh my goodness - that sounds so old. Really I did start when I was 5! It's hard to believe but I really did.
If you were a beginner sewer - this pattern would have confused you. They didn't finish the steps. I am really disappointed in McCall's. Granted it has been a few years since I bought a pattern (and actually used it!) I expected more details. I added the piping to give a more professional look and I also top-stitched after sewing a seam. This is something that should be explained in the instructions. I think top-stitching should be completed on anything you sew at home. It really makes a garment look so much better (and store bought).
So be careful if you don't know a lot about sewing and try out this pattern.
Not sure I will make anything else on here for future. I may sell the pattern - what do you think? Anyone interested?

He wanted to be #4 as he is four years old. Isn't that so cute?? I picked up a few patches and Grandma even made a patch with his name on it. He loved it! Of course the first time I showed it to him - he was a little upset. He wanted Blue piping instead of Red!! Boys!! Can they ever be happy with anything you do?

Well tell me what you think - did it look OK?

Veggie Tales Live!

Took little honey to see Veggie Tales Live! He loved it!! Just Me and little honey!
Here are some pictures ~

Got to meet them backstage! Cool Mom!!

EEK - bad picture of mommy!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Giveaway to check out ~

Cutting Coupons in KC is having a Seventh Generation giveaway - go HERE to enter until 11/27/10.

Cutting Coupons In KC

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We have a winner ♥

Congrats to Julie! I have sent you an email. Random number picked was #8.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review & Giveaway ♥ Betty Crocker

I LOVE Mashed Potatoes!!! They are one of my favorite comfort foods when I am feeling under the weather and a favorite side dish at our house. I am definitely a meat and potato kind of gal! But I will admit I hate to mash them. That is where hubby comes in!!!

I was contacted recently about a review for Betty Crocker® Potato Buds® mashed potatoes, made with 100% real potatoes. They were given to me from Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.

They are ready in just five minutes - great when you don't really like to cook or Mash real potatoes! And they taste so good! I am not kidding!

I made them the other night with these great chicken fried steak fingers I found at the store that comes with a packet of gravy mix ~ another great invention I love since I have NO ability to make gravy on my own :(

I usually ask hubby if the dinner is OK - to see if the meal is a "yes make this again" or "skip this next time" to see if he noticed anything different about the potatoes.
He said they were really creamy - of course I just smiled.
"Are these the box potatoes you got?" he asked.
"Yes," I answered sheepishly...
"Umm, they're pretty good. I couldn't tell the difference."

YES! I pulled it off! If my hubby can't tell the difference - then trust me - they are good!!

There are some great looking recipes that I want to still try - including Beef Pot Pie with Potato Biscuit Crust and Italian Hamburger Deep Dish.
Betty Crocker Potato Buds are also gluten-free, and they have a few recipes I wouldn't mind trying like Potato-Crusted Salmon and Cheesy Broccoli-Potato Soup.
Please visit and for full lists of recipes.

Betty Crocker provided me with a prize pack through MyBlogSpark for one of my readers!
It includes a box of Potato Buds Mashed potatoes, Wooden bowl, Red serving spoon, and red trivet.

       If you are interested in this prize pack - please do the following ~  Post a comment telling me what recipe you would like to use or what you would serve the mashed potatoes with. This is your first entry and is required before any other entries.

Extra Entries ~

~ After completing step #1 above - leave an extra comment if you are a following me or a new follower - Thank you

~ Blog about this giveaway and link back - leave two separate comments  

~ Become a Fan of Betty Crocker on Facebook

This contest ends at 11:59pm CST on November 3rd when I will draw a winner at random. PLEASE leave your email address if it is not visible on your blog profile. I will notify the winner via email and they have 48 hours to respond. Open to US residents only.

Good Luck!!

This was not a paid review - and you may or may not agree with my opinion.
Thank you MyBlogSpark for the prize pack!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Like Dandelion Dust

So I finally read the book last night.

Yip - took me only one day to read the book. I read and read and didn't want to put it down. I had to find out how it ended! I cried and cried through out most of the book. Sad and happy feelings just rushed over me as the child in the book is almost five - just like my little honey! So it was so easy to put myself in their position - What would I do??
Of course this will never happen to me as I have the most awesome birth mom in the world!! But mistakes can and do happen all the sad to even think about it!

The adoptive family in the book had a few options as they made a little more money than my family does... but still...what would I do if someone tried to take my little honey away from me?

I love how the book was biblically based - so nice to have a christian viewpoint on the worlds insane actions! I can't wait to read more by this christian author. And I can't wait to see the movie! I read some reviews of the movie and sad to hear it wasn't as biblically based as the book - but still has to be better than most of the movies out there. Date night here we come ♥

What recent good books have you read lately? Anything about adoption?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Lately!

So my computer got ANOTHER virus! UGH! I hate those things! Still waiting for it to get back to me and using the one at work when I can...

Hubby and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary last week! What an amazing 10 years it has been! He took me on a fun motorcycle trip thru the Ozark mountains and into Arkansas. Beautiful country! We had a blast just the two of us! It was a little HOT - but we managed! Missed little honey so bad! I took lots of pics and when I get my computer back I will show you Of course did NOT get any pics of hubby and I together :(  We always miss doing that and end up with nothing together!

So I heard about a new movie coming out. I can't decide if it is going to be good or not. I know it is going to be a tear jerker - but the preview makes it out to be SAD! Tell me what you think after you watch the trailer - Like Dandelion Dust.

I have ordered the book from our library to read it and find out the ending!! I can't wait for the movie to come out to see what happens!! 

So do you think it is adoption friendly or adoption scary?? Have you read the book??

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Completing Him - Priorities

I am so behind in the challenge! I have been searching through old photo boxes to find just the right pictures of us to tell the story of how we met and about our wedding. Then the fourth of July came and went.

Well now here we are in week #5!! The challenge this week is to make a list of 5 things you currently do or need to do and ask your husband to prioritize them for you of what is important to him. For example - a clean home, home cooked dinner, coupon clipping, service at church, having friends over for dinner, watching/doing sports with him, etc.

So off to write my list I did...
Well I came up with way more than 5 possible things for him to prioritize for me! 13 Actually!!! Boy what a hard job I have created for him! I think I know what will be the top five - but I don't want to assume anything - I want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Even if it is a little hard to hear sometimes! The truth will set me free...

So here they are -

1.  Clean home
2.  Organize/De-clutter
3.  Intimacy ♥
4.  Dinner ready when he gets home
5.  Pay bills

It was a little different than the list I had picked for him - Imagine that!

So tell me - was your list different too?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How we treat our Bibles

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several times a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?

What if we used it when we traveled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible?

Oh, and one more thing.

Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

Makes you stop and think "where are my priorities?" And no dropped calls!

When Jesus died on the cross, he was thinking of you!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Completing Him...

Go check out this new challenge I found - Completing Him Challenge. A women named Courtney is doing this challenge -  to be the wife your husband needs. I am a little behind on this challenge as it started on June 7th - but better late than never I say! She will be giving a weekly principle from scripture along with a challenge to apply in your marriage.

So far I have missed ~
June 7 - announce to your readers you are participating by posting the button on your site and leaving your link below. DONE!

June 14 – Post Pictures from your dating days (or tell us all about it!). Think about one thing you used to do or have as a couple that you have lost in the shuffle of life. How can you regain it? Will need to locate some of those old pics...

June 21 - Remember Your Vows - post pictures of your wedding day. We will review the sacredness of this day. Searching for Video Tape of Wedding...

June 28 - Ask your husband every morning how you can pray for him that day. Bonus: Fast and pray for him one day this week. Starting this TODAY!

I will work on back tracking and doing the weeks I missed so stay tuned...

Wow - I just realized my blog lately has been mainly about my hubby. I hope he enjoys it

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I actually want to buy a music C.D.!

!Shock! I acutually want to spend money on some music C.D's! I never want to waste spend $$ on these things. But want til you hear this -

Where have I been? I have missed five C.D's so far and they are coming out with a 6th one soon!

Attn: GrandmaPoppy - these are on our wish lists!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day ♥

My Daddy - My Hero! I love you so much and I am so proud to call you my dad.
Hope you have a Great day today ♥

And to my hubby -

I'm glad I get to share this journey of parenthood with you ♥

Day Thrity!

"This is my beloved, and this is my friend . . ." Song of Solomon 5:16b

Friends can be completely honest with each other, but friendships are strained when truth is not spoken in love. How are you speaking to your beloved? Are you so "used" to him that you don't appreciate the wonder of his friendship? That is your challenge today.

Is your sweetheart your best friend? Does he know this? Have you told him, or do you assume he "just knows"?

Friendship is something that is cultivated through the good times and the bad. Friends can share their hearts, but they don't step on each other's hearts.

The way to have and be a good friend is to cultivate and celebrate the relationship. As you end this "30-Day Encouragement Challenge," celebrate your friendship with your husband. Get alone and reflect on your beloved friend. Write him a letter, listing the qualities you admire and appreciate about him. If you are creative with words, write and frame a poem about him.

Perhaps you can prepare a special meal, just for the two of you, and read the letter or poem to him. Ask if you can pray for him, and if he is willing, thank God for your love and friendship, asking for His blessing on your home.

Encouragement, as you have seen these past 30 days, is a synonym for love in action. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

WOO HOO this is the last day! We made it girls! And what a perfect day to end it on! Treat him special today - whether you have children or not. Today is a day to celebrate all the men in our lives and how they influence us. Let them know!

I have had a blast doing this with you and with my hubby Let me know if this has been a blessing or if you would have rather skipped it.

I just love comments - so please let me know!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Twenty Nine - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"A prudent man foresees evil, and hides himself; the simple pass on, and are punished." Proverbs 27:12

As you near the end of this challenge, take time to think about your husband's responses to the wickedness of the culture, the media, etc. Does your husband recognize and avoid evil? Does he regularly turn his back on pornography, sexual temptations, and the urge to lie and cheat?

This is a valuable character trait. Like Joseph in the Old Testament, who fled from the wicked advances of Potiphar's wife, this takes an understanding that these kinds of sins are first and foremost, sins against God - Genesis 39:9.

Praise your husband when he recognizes and turns his back on wickedness. If you can think of a circumstance where your husband stood for righteousness, remind him of that today--and express your gratitude. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Thank goodness this is one area I do not have to worry about with my hubby. Thank you Jesus for my Godly husband who is willing to praise you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day Twenty Eight - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom, and before honor is humility." (Proverbs 15:33)

Sometimes, when we just "know" we are right and our husbands are wrong, it takes great humility to honor them. It is difficult to speak well of our husbands when our own hearts are puffed up with pride.

As part of your challenge today, pray that you will respond to the Lord in faith and humility before you react to your husband. Speak wisely and well, and leave the results to God.

The humility that comes from a right relationship with God--the humility that comes when a man is willing to listen to God and be taught from His Word--is indeed a beautiful quality. Jesus was an example of this kind of humility when he was willing to submit to His Father's will (John 6:38; Matthew 26:39).

Does your husband have that kind of humility? Is he willing to learn from and submit to direction from the Lord? Let your husband know how precious this is to your marriage relationship.By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Twenty Seven - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD." Psalm 31:24

You have almost completed the "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge." Perhaps it has taken you a tremendous amount of courage to speak words of ecouragement consistently to your husband. Courage comes as we place our trust in God. Have faith that God will continue to work long after your encouraging words have been shared.

There are lots of "tough guys" in the world, but true courage comes from the Lord. Does your husband exhibit the courage to take an unpopular stand, perhaps even to stand alone against evil? Is he courageous in his faith? Does he work hard to change injustice? Is he a stickler for the truth? Does he protect you or your family from the attacks of the Enemy?

Psalm 27:14 says this kind of courage comes from "waiting" on the Lord for His strength. If your budget allows, "award" your husband with a medal, trophy, framed picture of a brave knight, or some other token that represents his courage as a man of God. Praise evidences of your husband's courage in protecting you, your marriage, your family, or your home.By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Twenty Six - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." Luke 2:52

If you have faithfully encouraged your husband, you will no doubt have seen some changes in his life . . . and your own life, as well. Encouragement is a wonderful habit that we hope you will continue for the rest of your life.

The important thing is to keep growing in Christ and obeying the Word of God as you respond to your husband. As you consider today how to bless your husband and not tear him down, think of ways that you can encourage balance in your home.

Jesus led a balanced life. He grew mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. As you see your husband branching out in these areas, is there a pattern of growth? Is your husband striving for balance in his life? If so, let him know you have noticed, and ask how you can further encourage that balance.

If your husband is out of balance--focusing on one area to the exclusion of the others, consider whether there are things you can do to help restore or create balance in his life. Can you encourage times for sports or exercise? Keep the children quiet for a study time? Invite friends over for dinner? Stimulate his mind?

Be sure you are working toward balance in your own life, as well. Be an example!By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

We are almost done with this 30 day challenge! How are you doing so far? I am having some good days and some not so good days
But I am still trying! That is the most important thing! I have been trying to  lose about 10 pounds tone up and have been watching what I eat and even EXERCISING! I know - shocking isn't it! Today I even got up about 15 minutes early to go and ride my bicycle! It was hard going up some of the mountains hills in my neighborhood but I made it! And I am feeling so much better now. When I was leaving hubby got my bike out of the garage for me He is being so sweet lately Thank you God!

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Twenty Five - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"Seek peace, and pursue it." Psalm 34:14b

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3

Before you consider whether these verses describe your husband, consider your own presence in the home. Do you promote an atmosphere of peace, or do critical words often flow from your mouth? Do you struggle with anger? If so, before you continue with this challenge, confess these sinful habits to the Lord, and determine to speak words of peace to your family today.

Does your husband bring an atmosphere of peace into your home? Is his presence a calming influence? Does he bring music, entertainment, books, or people into your home that build a sense of serenity? Let him know how much you appreciate this wonderful quality, and support his choices.

If, on the other hand, he is quickly angered or he creates chaos rather than calm, ask God to give you an abundance of the kind of peace that will speak to his heart. Be patient and loving. Create an inviting atmosphere of peace, as much as possible.
By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Twenty Four - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)

Children can be quite a challenge to the marriage relationship. A wise wife will support her husband's leadership in the home as much as possible, and will praise him for his fathering skills. Negativity makes a man feel like a failure, and may make him to want to give up.

Does your husband discipline your children wisely? Does he show them love and encourage them? Does he take an interest in their activities and dreams? Does he spend time with them? Does he take part in developing their character? Praise him for these important life skills.

If you don't have children, is your husband positive and encouraging around other people's children? Let him know that you have noticed.

If your husband does not experience positive relationships with children, you will need to figure out why. Perhaps he had negative experiences as a child with his own parents, and needs to learn how to respond. Perhaps you can lovingly and patiently show him how to parent--while still maintaining his authority in the home. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Twenty Three - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"Let your speech always be with grace." Colossians 4:6a

You're moving toward the home stretch of your 30-day challenge! Just a reminder of what you've committed:

You can't say anything negative about your husband . . . to him or to anyone else. Each day, say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband . . . to him and to someone else.

"In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works." Titus 2:7a

Does the "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge" seem like hard work? Or is it becoming a pleasant exercise in genuine Christ-likeness in your home? You are only scratching the surface of ways to encourage your mate.

Is your husband organized? Is he diligent? Is he persistent? These are all related to a pattern of personal disciplines that are worthy of your praise. Affirm him for one or more of these traits that you see in him.

Some men have not developed these qualities because they are naturally more spontaneous. You can praise his spontaneity! Perhaps God has called you alongside to help him with disciplines he has not yet developed--but this does not include nagging.

Whatever the need, you can be your husband's cheerleader, encouraging him when he wants to give up.
By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day Twenty Two - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." Matthew 6:33

If we are living in light of eternity, everything we think, do, or say is seen from an eternal perspective. We will someday give an account for our failure to speak words of love and encouragement. Determine today that your words will be sweet and helpful.

Does your husband have an eternal perspective that allows him to reject materialism and temporal values? Express your gratefulness for his value system, and praise him for putting eternal things before riches and other things of this world.

If this is a problem area for him, consider how you might alter your own value system and live for eternity in front of him, encouraging him to do the same. Only two things will last into eternity: the Word of God and people. Be sure that you are focusing on the right things. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day Twenty One - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"Be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ also forgave you." Ephesians 4:32

It's time for some heart examination. As you continue in this 30-day challenge, have you found any roots of bitterness that are contaminating your relationship with your husband? Do you understand that as long as you are unwilling to forgive your husband (by God's grace and in His power) you will not be able to encourage him? Your own resentment will keep getting in the way. Now is the time to deal with any unforgiving attitudes. Forgive him, even as God has forgiven you.

Is your husband a forgiving man? Does he keep short accounts of your problems? Express your thankfulness for such a man.

Does your husband--rightly or wrongly--harbor grudges against you? Again, are there things you need to change, or do you need to ask for his forgiveness for an offense? Help your husband be more forgiving by quickly forgiving him for his mistakes. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Lord please forgive me of any offense I have done and show me if I am still offending my husband. Help me to change.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day Twenty - 30 Day Husband Challenge

Read this wife's description of her beloved in Song of Solomon 5:10-16.

Criticism leaves scar; encouragement can bring healing. Remember that today as you focus on your "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge."

Almost nothing is as devastating to a man as the belief that his wife finds him repulsive. Sadly, many women unwisely criticize their husbands' bodies.

Have you ever considered how wonderfully God designed men and women? No matter how a man looks by the standards of the world, a loving God designed them all, and they are all "beautiful" in His sight. Encourage your husband today by praising his uniqueness.

As you look over your husband's body, from the tip of his toes to his bald or bushy head, thank God that your husband is "wonderfully made," then admire your husband verbally. (Strong arms? Hairy chest? Firm hands? Big feet? Rugged chin? Wide shoulders? Compassionate eyes? Broad smile?) By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day Nineteen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"You will show me the path of life. In your presence is fullness of joy. Happy are the people whose God is the LORD!" Psalm 16:11a; 144:15b

"A merry heart does good, like medicine." Proverbs 17:22a

It's hard to criticize others when we are enjoying their company. Instead of speaking negatively to your husband today, enjoy him! Encourage him! As you experience fullness of joy with God, share some of that joy with your husband.

Does your husband have a playful side? A great sense of humor? Is there a "little boy" that wants to escape from time to time, reflecting the joy in his heart?

This is a wonderful part of who he is, and a great strength. Let him know that you appreciate his joyfulness and his playful spirit. Find opportunities to join him in positive play times.

If your husband can sometimes be overly serious, coax him out occasionally for some play times. It will help him relieve stress and relax. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day Eighteen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." Proverbs 9:10

Are you a wise woman? Do you open your mouth with wisdom, as Proverbs 31:26 suggests? As you continue in your 30-day challenge, remember that a wise woman encourages her husband.

Is your husband a "wise man?" Does he have a godly perspective that comes from knowing God and walking with Him in obedience? Does he have a sense of purpose for his life and vision for your home? Tell him how much this means to you.

If you are not sure about your husband's vision for your home, ask him, "Honey, what do you want to accomplish with our marriage and home in the years to come?" and "How can I help you accomplish that?"

If he does not have a vision, your questions may inspire him to develop one.

If your husband is not walking with God--or perhaps, does not know the Lord--you have the opportunity and responsibility to practice your faith and create a thirst for God. Thank God for giving your husband a place in his heart that only He can fill, and keep praying that he will turn to the Lord to fill that vacuum! By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Seventeen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"And the LORD God said, 'It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him." Genesis 2:18

God says that it is not good for man to be alone. But the way some women criticize their mates, their husbands may long for solitude. Be careful today not to criticize your mate, but look for ways to encourage him personally and publicly.

Speaking of communication, does your husband communicate with you? God has made you a companion and helper for your husband, and part of being "one flesh" with him is the privilege of sharing and discussing personal needs and concerns. Thank God for that wonderful gift. Thank your husband for communicating with you.

If your spouse does not communicate as you wish, look for ways that he communicates that are normal for him--smiling at you, nodding his head, even a pleasant "grunt!"--and then thank him for letting you know that he cares. Perhaps he needs to be lovingly taught how to communicate. Be patient with him . . . and listen when he does speak. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

A great book to read more on being a good Helper or Help Meet is - "Created To Be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. I highly recommend it It really helped me

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day Sixteen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." 2 Peter 3:18a

Sometimes we live so close to our spouse that we fail to see him as others do; we only see our husband's faults.

Take a step back. Perhaps he is growing spiritually in ways you have failed to appreciate. How can you encourage his growth in a fresh, new way? Remember--your husband is accountable to God for his spiritual development. You are accountable to God to encourage and not hinder that growth.

Can you identify an area of spiritual strength in your husband? Does he pray or read his Bible regularly? Does he like to read about or discuss spiritual matters? Does he go to church with you? Is he a spiritual leader? What do others say about him? If you can identify a specific area, praise him for that.

If not, pray earnestly that God will work in his heart, and watch for signs of spiritual growth in the future.
By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day Fifteen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"Let your speech always be with grace." Colossians 4:6a

Focus today on how you represent your husband in your home, your church, and your community. In this challenge to encourage, ask: "If everything my family and friends knew about my husband came from a filter of what I've said about him, what would they think of my husband?" Do you need to change the filter?

Do you speak positively about your husband to others, or do you complain and criticize? Your speech should reflect 1 Corinthians 13 love. Your words should be kind, and should never "rejoice in iniquity" (v. 6). Refrain from listing your husband's faults to others. Satan likes to trick us in this area; be wary of sharing barbed "prayer requests."

Remember, "Love will cover a multitude of sins" 1 Peter 4:8b. Present your husband before others today in a strong, positive manner. Slip in a "good word" for your spouse. Resist the urge to correct or belittle him in front of others. Some of what you say may come back to him, and you want your words to be sweet, building him up and never tearing him down.

Don't forget: you are always criticizing--or encouraging--before an audience. God hears your conversations when you are alone with your husband in your own home. May your speech be always seasoned with grace.

While you are considering how your speech can reflect the grace of the Lord in your husband's life, don't forget that your words can also encourage others. When you share what God is doing in your life through this "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge", others will be blessed. Perhaps other wives will be moved to take up this challenge. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day Fourteen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"The righteous man walks in his integrity." Proverbs 20:7a

Every week there are news reports about men who gave in to temptations and compromised what they said they believed. We hear countless reports about dishonest business dealings, hidden infidelity, and hypocritical leaders.
It's so easy to focus on these things and ignore those who are being honest, faithful, and genuine. As you continue in the "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge", determine to look for ways that your husband
stands against the culture.

Is your spouse a man of integrity? Is he fair in his dealings with people? Does he understand the meaning of justice? Is he honest in business? Unhypocritical in his faith? Consider all the ways a man can live in integrity, and praise your husband for one of them.

As you have the opportunity--as it is appropriate--share examples of your husband's honesty and integrity with others. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day Thirteen - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me." Song of Solomon 7:10

The sexual relationship. It's one of those elements--along with money and
children--that can derail a marriage through negative comments. Negativity
destroys intimacy, but encouragement builds and strengthens the marriage

Let's get practical here. Is your husband a "good lover?" Have you told him
so? Be specific. Let him know when he pleases you. Most husbands genuinely
want to please their wives, especially in this important area of marriage.

In moments of intimacy, do you find your mind wandering? This can change as
you focus on something wonderful about your husband. Realize that your
husband wants intimacy with you. His desire is toward you.

Does this area of your marriage need some work? Remember that this is a
sensitive area for men. Be sure to encourage his lovemaking and masculinity
in positive ways.By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Twelve - 30 Day Husband Challenge

"With all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love." Ephesians 4:2

Part of the difficulty you may face as you continue in this 30-day challenge is that you really are struggling to find positive things to praise your husband for. Perhaps the problem is not with your husband. Have you checked your own heart?

Sometimes we get disillusioned because of our own unreasonable or unrealistic expectations (Proverbs 13:12). It may not be that our mates are doing something wrong; it's simply that we expect too much in some areas.

Our expectations must be met in God alone, and then we will have the right perspective to ask God for the healing and grace we need to respond to others.

How sad that we give more grace to others than to those in our own homes. Today, try to look at your husband through eyes of grace. Verbally thank your husband for what he is already doing. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day Eleven - 30-Day Husband Challenge

Day Eleven -  "Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord." Eph. 5:22

Women who are constantly negative toward their husbands - especially by speaking evil of them to others - show great disrespect. Determine not to do that today (or ever!).

This challenge to encourage is closely connected to submission.Men respond to women who respect them. What do you respect about your husband? Part of that respect includes submission to his authority. Let your husband know how respecting him makes it easier to submit to his leadership. Show your respect in public by listening to him and smiling at him when he speaks. Place your hand in his as you walk together.

If you feel there is nothing to respect, search harder ...nearly every man has some core characteristic that can be nurtured and respected. In any case, you must still cultivate a submissive spirit to his position of leadership..."as to the Lord." By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

I am slowly learning this concept. If you know me very well you know I don't put up with anything and I usually tell it to you what I think - no holding back. This sometimes gets me in trouble with others - especially my hubby ♥  Thru the wonder women bible study I learned that God likes you to hold your tongue and respect your spouse. It pleases HIM. so if nothing else do it to please God and you will be blessed. It may be hard at first, but trust me it gets easier

Monday, May 31, 2010

Day Ten - 30-Day husband Challenge

Day Ten - "Behold you are handsome, my beloved! Yes, pleasant!..." Song of Solomon 1:16a

We all crave appreciation. We want to know that we are valued and loved. Early love letters probably reflected our admiration, but if we're not careful, our spouse will forget why we were drawn to him. If you still have any of your old love letters, re-read them for clues to deepen your current level of appreciation for your spouse.
When we spend time criticizing our husbands, we lose time that could be spent admiring them. As you consider various ways to encourage your husband, ask, "How can I admire him?" Does your husband know that you think he is attractive? What was one of the characteristics in your husband that first drew you to him? Was it a physical characteristic, or something else? Was it his gentle, compassionate eyes? Kindness or concern for others? An easy-going confidence? A steadiness that comes from trusting in the Lord? Strength of character in a culture that lacks integrity? Do you see at least a glimpse of that characteristic in him today?Whatever it is, tell him!  By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

So much to say about my hubby...but I will tell him and keep it a secret from you

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day Nine - 30- Day Husband Challenge

Day Nine -  " swift to hear, slow to speak..." James 1:19b

We are often so busy speaking that we don't take time to listen. We are so quick to offer a comment - negative or positive - that we don't really "hear" our husband's heart.

Remember: we have two ears and only one mouth. We need to listen more!

As you continue in your 30-day challenge, not speaking negatively and focusing on positive encouragement, hear the Lord's admonition today: "Be swift to hear." If listening is a real problem for you, play a game with yourself. See if you can listen to your husband for one whole day, only speaking when asked a question. If your husband notices the difference, explain that you are learning to listen more-not only to God, but
also to him.
One easy way to express admiration for your husband is to ask a question about something he enjoys, and then listen to his response. If it's an area of personal familiarity, keep asking questions until you learn something you didn't know, then tell him, "Wow, I didn't know that!"  By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

I am excited to try this when we are driving to and from the lake. Just hoping that hubby is actually in the mood to talk

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going to the Lake

We'll we are off to the Lake for the long weekend!

I'll be back next week...Enjoy Memorial Day

Day Eight - 30-Day Husband Challenge

How are you doing with the "30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge"? In case you've forgotten, here's the challenge:

* You can't say anything negative about your husband . . . to your husband, or to anyone else.

* Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband . . . to your husband and to someone else.

Day Eight - "But who can find a faithful man?" (Proverbs 20:6b)

Faithfulness is a wonderful but rare quality today, especially in regard to marriage. Do you understand how important this quality is? Your challenge is to continue to root out all negative speaking, and plant seeds of encouragement instead. You may be amazed at what will grow.

Contemporary culture often entices men to be unfaithful to their wedding vows and spiritual commitments. Appreciate your husband's faithfulness--how he is loyal to you. Let him know that you are glad he has "stick-to-it-iveness" in your marriage. Appreciate his faithfulness to God.

If you have an unfaithful husband, this is a difficult area for you. Pray, speak the truth in love, remain faithful yourself, and discover ways to encourage faithfulness in your mate. The Bible says that husbands may "be won by the conduct of their wives" (1 Peter 3:1b). You may also want to seek counsel from a mature, godly individual or couple. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Seven - 30-Day Husband Challenge

Day Seven: "Do not overwork to be rich; because of your own understanding, cease!...for riches certainly make themselves wings..." Prov. 23:4-5
"That I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth, that I may fill their treasuries." Proverbs 8:21

Money is the root of much marital discord. Ask yourself, "Am I being negative toward my husband in the area of finances?" Determine not to speak evil of your husband in this area. Discover ways to encourage and help him instead.
Does your husband handle finances wisely? Does he make good financial investments, based on biblical principles? Does he have a budget? Does he make wise decisions about purchases - checking many sources before he buys? Is he a good steward of his money before the Lord? Let him know how much you appreciate his strengths in financial matters. If he is weak in this area, encourage any good decisions that he does make. Perhaps you can help him, if he's open to the idea, by organizing financial files or providing other practical assistance. Or, if he wants you to handle the finances, ask for his input before you make decisions that will affect him.   By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

This is one area my hubby and I have little disagreement on. For the most part I am the one that deals with the finances. Luckily hubby and I were able to go thru Dave Ramsey's financial peace university a few years ago. That was the best thing we EVER did for our financial future. If you haven't gone thru his program I highly recommend it! Not only is it an informational program about your finances but it is biblical based and helps bring you and your hubby closer together and actually talking about money - in a good way! The first year, hubby and I were able to pay off over $20,000 in debt. The second year hubby was out of work for almost 6 months and we were more than able to handle the bills that came up. Now in the third year - I was able to stay at home with little honey! And if I want to work at the adoption agency to get some extra cash I can! God is awesome if we just rely on him!

Whatever your financial situation is just remember to trust in God

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day Six - 30-Day Husband Challenge

Day Six - "...whatever ye do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Cor. 10:31b

Do you recognize and appreciate your husband's creativity? Or do you criticize and demean his efforts?Instead of negativity, determine to be positive. Perhaps you can help your husband see that his efforts are an opportunity to glorify God.

Is your husband the "creative" type? Does he have any artistic gifts? What is that special "knack" he has? Affirm him for his handiwork - a hobby, music, gardening, tinkering with cars, working with wood, etc. Remember: Even if he doesn't measure up to your standards, praise his efforts. If your budget allows, buy him a book or magazine that will continue to encourage his special skill or talent.

If you have a hard time finding his "creative side," understand that men's creativity sometimes is related to their work. Find something he does to make his job run more smoothly or something he does that adds value to his work...and let him know that you have noticed.

Make his day...Praise his accomplishments in public, while he is listening. By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Well, another hard challenge. I try to talk up my hubby - but when I do he is not around to hear! Sometimes it might get back to him of something I said - but it might not.  This is going to be hard today to make sure he hears me say "He works on motorcycles really well. Ask him - he knows everything there is to know about motorcycles!"

What is your hubby good at?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Five - 30-Day Husband Challenge

Day Five - "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers." Ephesians. 4:29

Another way to describe the positive side of this "30-Day Encouragement Challenge" is by using the word "edify," which means, "to build up." Negative comments only discourage and tear down. Positive comments encourage and build.

Do you edify your husband before others, adding to his value in their eyes? This is especially important to other family members.

Do you praise your husband to his relatives, and yours? Does your husband's mother know how much you love him? How about your dad? Perhaps you can drop a word of praise into a conversation or letter. Be creative in letting your relatives know that you respect your husband, love him, and support him - in spite of whatever flaws and weaknesses he may have.   By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

My goal for today is to tell as many people as I can about my hubby and what a great man he is! I am SHOUTING IT FROM MY ROOFTOP!!!Can you hear me??

I think it would also be neat to send a card to my mom in law and let her know how much I love him What a blessing that could be to her! Some of mine and my hubby's relatives read my blog  - so now you know! I LOVE, Respect and Support My Hubby!!

What are some other ideas that you can think of doing today??


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