Thursday, January 21, 2010

Etsy Giveaway ♥♥

As most of you know I sell a few items on Etsy. I am having a blast making a few things and making a little profit to buy more things so I can make more things!! The cycle is endless! Thank you everyone who has visited my shop and purchased some stuff!

Well a few weeks ago I joined a Kansas Team that promotes Kansas Etsy sellers! I have made a few sales and getting more traffic to my site because of joining the team. I am really excited to be a part of a local group!

At the Kansas Etsy Team Blog they are having a giveaway! An 11 x 14 Barn Wood Frame!Go check them out and enter the giveaway - All details are listed on their blog. You have until January 30th!

photo curtesy of Kansas Etsy Team Blog
This 11 X 14 inch frame was hand built by Steve of Country Windows using wood purchased from a gentleman in Clay County, Kansas. The wood was originally from a barn owned by this man's father-in-law that was torn down over ten years ago. The barn was at least 90 years old at the time it was dismantled. The frame will accomodate an 11 X 14 picture or a smaller picture matted to an 11 X 14 size.

Go check out the blog and see the wonderful creations that Kansas crafters make!


beadsandblooms said...

I know all about that selling things to make money to make more things! lol Guess we could have worse addictions, right? Thanks for promoting the team giveaway, too.

Just Jenny said...

No Problem!



Gayle said...

Hi Jenny!

Love your blog. I'm part of the Kansas team - Kit and Caboodle Shop. I homeschool my two teen girls. I love being with them everyday. Will love getting to know you better!

Just Jenny said...

Thanks Gayle! I have already Hearted your shop - love your jewelry!


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