Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gifts I made...

Now that Christmas is over and I am finally updating my blog...I can share with you gifts that I made for my family. We still haven't celebrated with hubby's family yet so I am still getting a few gifts completed for that.
Very unhappy that I was ill for most of December. It just flew by.
Well here is the necklace and bracelet I made for my mom ~

Cute, huh? I found the idea on You Can Make This blog. It was super easy!
I also included some extra flower pins that she can wear seperately or with the necklace depending on her outfit. The red flower was made with ribbon that has wire in it. Just pull one side and tada - a flower! I added a silver bead in the middle to dress it up a bit. Hope you like it Mom.

These are the necklaces I made for my sis in law. She wears cute funky clothes and I hope these will match something in her closet! I added a turquise bead to the middle of the flower on the left.

I also made magnets out of the other flowers I made.

You just cut strips of fabric and wrap it around and then twist around a pencil - again found on the same blog. Super easy and cute! Hope you like them R, T, and mom!!

For little honey I made him these fabric napkins out of construction fabric that my best friend had sent my over the summer.

We have been using fabric napkins for a while now to be a little more green in our daliy lives and to save a little $$ and not buying as many paper napkins if any. I usually use paper when company is coming over.
Little honey gets a kick out of helping me set the table and I knew he would enjoy having his own set. We also found a fork and spoon set a Target in the Dollar bins that had construction equipment on the handle and they matched exactly with the napkins! Score momma!
He loves them both!!
It is hard to find something to sew for boys. There are a lot of cute fabrics - but not a lot of cute ideas. Everything is cute for girls!
BUT...I did stumble upon a new to me blog recently that had a VERY cute idea for a car cozy.
homemade by jill. She is the Tutorial Queen! I had so much fun with this ~

Isn't this the cutest idea?
It holds 6 Hot Wheel cars, or 8 Hot Wheel motorcycles! Yes we have that many!
But it doesn't hold the Big trucks very well.

She has wonderful instructions on her blog how to make this. You do need some sewing skills to make it like hers. But if you like to work with felt and fabric glue this could be done with little to no sewing skills.
I used a few different materials than she did - but I used what I had on hand and spent NO MONEY for this gift!! An old pair of daddy's jeans for the cover, left over green duck cloth for the inside, scrap of green plaid for the car on the front (that matched perfectly to the duck cloth!), scrap denim for the pocket, dark grey vinyl for the road and car tires, yellow felt and fabric paint I had around the house. This was my first time using freezer paper as a stencil! I think I did a pretty good job (just don't look too close at #1) I think it was the type of fabric paint I had - a cheap brand and it showed.
It was nice to have this when we went out to eat for New Year's. Just filled it with the cars and bikes that little honey picked out and then threw it in my purse. Instant car track at the table! Nothing better than that!

Well hope you enjoyed some of the items I made for Christmas. I still have a few to write about and will get them up soon!!

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