Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Going to the dogs

Archie as been fitting in quite well with our family the past few months. We are ALL adjusting well.
Last week I was grooming him and when I took off his collar noticed that the hard nylon had rubbed his neck of all the hair! Poor little puppy! I knew when I bought the collar it was a little hard but I figured it would soften up as he wore it.       No momma.

Under his chiny chin chin is bald :( 

No more of that collar in this house! My mind was racing as to how we were going to get another collar for him. Hubby is changing jobs this month and we are going to be a little tight for the first few weeks until everything is set. So no buying a new collar. Then I remembered seeing a few homemade collars on the internet made from cute fabric. I had an idea...

Taking apart his current collar to use the hardware and going thru my stacks and stacks of fabric stash to find just the right print, I came up with these.

Hubby picked out this one -

But I think it is a little hard to see with his coloring - or just not BRIGHT enough for momma!!
I was immediatley drawn to this bright green circle print - so I took apart another old collar we had lying around -
So fun and ready for SPRING!! if it will ever come...
What do you think? So far he has been wearing the green one. I'm thinking of putting a few on my etsy shop - there are so many cute fabrics I could use. I did order some new hardware thru my shop.
I will share the new collars I make when the hardware comes in. ♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

poor little puppy

I like the green one too!

Anonymous said...

I like the blue one for the male puppy.

I think you would have a good response on your Etsy shop.

You also might have an idea for some birthday gifts!


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