Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Show and Tell and McCall's pattern review

Here is a long missing post - I thought I had posted this earlier - but alas I noticed it was never published! Sorry for late update on Halloween!

Little honey wanted to be a race car driver! He got the helmet from his cousin back in August! Ever since he has talked non stop about race car drivers. I really have not figured him out yet - we never talk of race cars or races. We don't watch any nor do we know anyone who watches them. We do have ONE lone book about some race car driver - although at the moment I can't remember his name!!!
But we do have hundreds of Hot Wheels. And I do mean hundreds as hubby and I counted them one day - and it seems he gets a new one at least once a week! We,Hubby-you, have, got, to, stop, buying, them!!!

We went to the Adoption Agency for the annual Halloween party. One of the video/camera guys took pictures of all the kids. Aren't they cute?
This one is at preschool -
So here is the pattern I used ~
McCall's MP368 -sorry about the big crease - it was in my purse for a few weeks until I found just the right weight of fabric hubby wanted me to use ♥
Weird the instruction sheet says M5952. Not really sure what pattern number McCall's is using??

I was not really impressed with the pattern instructions.
Luckily I have been sewing now for over 30 years..oh my goodness - that sounds so old. Really I did start when I was 5! It's hard to believe but I really did.
If you were a beginner sewer - this pattern would have confused you. They didn't finish the steps. I am really disappointed in McCall's. Granted it has been a few years since I bought a pattern (and actually used it!) I expected more details. I added the piping to give a more professional look and I also top-stitched after sewing a seam. This is something that should be explained in the instructions. I think top-stitching should be completed on anything you sew at home. It really makes a garment look so much better (and store bought).
So be careful if you don't know a lot about sewing and try out this pattern.
Not sure I will make anything else on here for future. I may sell the pattern - what do you think? Anyone interested?

He wanted to be #4 as he is four years old. Isn't that so cute?? I picked up a few patches and Grandma even made a patch with his name on it. He loved it! Of course the first time I showed it to him - he was a little upset. He wanted Blue piping instead of Red!! Boys!! Can they ever be happy with anything you do?

Well tell me what you think - did it look OK?

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Anonymous said...

So Cute! and great details!


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