Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Wishing Well?

Last night's devotion with little honey was from Genesis 26:12-22 "Isaac Gives Up His Wells".

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As I was reading the devotion, little honey didn't understand what a well was. I explained to him that it is where they used to get water from and they had to dig deep holes in the ground and use a bucket to bring up the water. That they didn't have sinks and faucets like we do in the bathroom and kitchen to get the water easier.

He nodded like he understood.

As I was finishing the lesson little honey's face light up. Like he finally got it.

"Oh, you mean like a wishing well, where you throw your money in and make a wish!" he said.

"Well yes, like a wishing well - except they didn't throw money in back then - they needed to get water," I said.

He then proceeded to tell me what he would wish for if he saw a wishing well ~

"I would wish for a yellow light saber, cuz I can't wait til Christmas."

"Wouldn't you wish for babies if you had the chance?" I asked - since he really wants to be a big brother.

"No," he said, "I will pray for babies and just wait. But wish for the light saber."

Well - at least he knows what to Wish for and what to Pray for.

And he knows to wait on GOD.

That's all a momma can ask for

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