Friday, March 25, 2011

New Blog to check out ~

I wanted to share with you a new blog to check out! I could call her my friend, counselor, kindred soul, my wanna - be mentor , but her name is Michele.
She is an ordained minister and frequently speaks at my women's group and teaches Bible Studies at our church. She started a ministry called Faith Builders Ministry. Their vision is "one of Hope, Faith, Joy, and restoration for God's people. This ministry is for anyone who has had a reason to give up, give in, or give out before their race is finished."

She has written three books and is currently working on the fourth. I am excited about her current book as she is graciously letting me help edit it with her! I can't wait until she is complete and we can share it with you!

Here is a snippet from her blog -
I do not want to be a balanced believer I want to be an untraditional, sold out, radical, on fire, willing to be lead by the Holy Spirit even if I do not know where He is leading me kind of a believer. I want to strike a match in the heart of God’s people wherever I go. I want to make a difference in a place where being the same has been accepted as fitting in but in reality if we were to examine the truth its only living with a compromise standard. I do not want to compromise the Word of God any longer.

I don't know about you ~ but that's how I want to be!! I am learning so much from her and you will too!

You can find her books at ~

In addition to her book "Ripened on the Vine" she also has a free downloadable study guide to go along with it! Isn't that nice! I just love Free!! You can find it on her web page.

She recently started blogging to update the World on her writings and what is going on with her life and the ministry. You can find her blog at Faith Builders Ministries  and now on FACEBOOK!

Please go check out her BLOG and give her some blogging LOVE ♥ Maybe we can convince her to write a guest post here or even a giveaway?? Let's show her some Love and see what happens!! I would love to share that with you!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Ripened On The Vine!! It's an amaxing testimony of God's AWESOME power! To have gone through what she has and come out the wonderful woman of God she is is miraculous! I recommend this to everyone!! <3

Just Jenny said...

I know! I hope others check it out too so they can be blessed !
Love you!!


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