Friday, June 24, 2011

What I've been up to lately - 30 Day Shred Work Out

So I have been working my bum bum off - literally! I read about this workout on another blog, although I can't remember whose :( and I thought I would try it out!
Luckily it was on the list of our Netflix and I could try before I buy! I love to do that with all of my books - get them from the library first in case I don't like it. That is my frugal tip for the day

If you are looking for a good, quick, effective workout than this is the one for you! I am finding muscles I didn't know were there and they are hurting too! So far I have lost about 8 lbs. My goal is about 12lbs. I know it's a weird number - why doesn't she just round it up to 15 or down to 10? Well 12lbs. is what it will take to get me to my ideal weight! I guess the question should be - why did I gain a weird amount of weight?????

I have also changed my diet. Yes, I am now eating better. Not as much chocolate (I HAVE to have some at least every other day), more fruits and veggies, added Protein shakes for breakfast, and am now having Meatless Mondays. (I will have to share some of the Yummy recipes we have tried lately in another post).

I was even able to get my hubby on board with all of the changes. Actually he is the reason I jumped to make all these changes. See hubby went to his yearly bi-yearly physical last month and got some not to exciting news. He has very high sugar levels which I have always been concerned about because both his mother and grandmother are diabetic, and his cholesterol was too high for his age.

At first he didn't like the diet restrictions the doc and I gave him. But he is starting to enjoy the new meals and how much better he is feelingI was even able to get him to do the Shred workouts with me!! I thought he would bail after the first day - but he is even getting up 30 minutes earlier to make sure he has enough time to do it before work! I am so proud of him! I tried to get up earlier (5:30 instead of 6:00. but I REALLY need that extra 30 minutes or I am not a happy person to be around!)

So I get up at usual time to make his lunch and protein shake, send him off to work, make the bed and then do my workout. All before little honey wakes up! I am so proud of me, too!

Then the sad news hit - hubby lost almost 12 lbs!! UGH! so unfair. and he did most of this weight loss just by diet before he started working out! Well I guess men are made different then women. I just keep huffing, puffing and sweating along.

What are you doing to get into shape?? Please leave a comment as I am almost done with this 30 day and ready to try something new

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