Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I tried something new... Zumba and a review ♥

So I did it again, I went and tried something new. I like to venture out and explore what's out there.

This week Little honey and I are at the Lake. Where the In-laws live. We are staying here all week without hubby. I am a little sad without him...but absence makes the heart grow fonder ♥ Little honey is attending his 4th VBS this summer at the grandparents church. So we are making a mini vaca out of it.

Well as you many of you know I have been working out the past few months with Jillian and her 30 day shred - which I LOVE! And so has hubby! He has been doing it pretty faithfully most days. So I couldn't just take the DVD with me and leave him with nothing to work out! What kind of wife would I be? Instead I took another Jillian dvd I had purchased and never used...hoping I would like it. It is called Yoga Meltdown. Basically aerobic yoga. ehh, not my favorite.

Well as I was driving by the church here in town I noticed a ZUMBA sign. What is Zumba you ask? Well it is a Latin inspired dance aerobic class. Very intriguing! So I went!

"Wild" is all I have to say to sum it up. First the relative age of the locals here is around age 55. So I stick out like a sore thumb and am expected to do better than them! HA! They have all been doing the class for a few weeks and I am choreographically challenged to say the least! The class incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included.

Have you ever been to a workout class with senior citizens and not laughed a little. It was so hard to keep my composure and keep up with the instructor (who did seem about my age) and not giggle at the cute, little, old ladies! They really put their heart into it and try! I even thought one was going to take off and do some swan lake dance moves at one point...she was in the moment!

I was a little worn out after class. I have no cardio skills and this is something that I am working on. I guess it wasn't so bad...although I don't think I'll run out and get the dvd. It was something new and different to throw into my workout schedule.

I guess I'll go back to Saturday's class and try it out again. Just for the fun of it!

Would you go to a random class where you know no one and don't know what the work out is about?? Let me know!

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