Thursday, September 29, 2011

My latest finds....

Found this basket thingie at an estate sale last month. Not sure what it is...but it looked cool and it was cheap so hubby bought it for me!!! Thanks sweetie!

Right now it is sitting above our armoire in the family room. Too much wood as the armoir is the same color...but that will change soon as I am getting ready to paint the armoir. Watch is showing up more and more in my house! 

He had originally seen this clear stain glass window and thought I would love it. That is why he took me to the estate sale the next day. And bought it! He knows me sooo well! I just love it!
But not sure where to put it. Above our bed (since I can't find a headboard I like) or in our entryway above the door? Decisions, decisions!
Love it honey!

Today I went to an estate sale looking for a bike...that's another story... but I found this instead ~

A fun retro metal desk for little honey! Isn't it so cute! I like the blue/turquoise color but it doesn't match his room at it needs a little refreshing. I am thinking of maybe orange or lime green.
What do you think??

I love that it is adjustable and it will grow with him!

Cute little wooden chair that will go with it for a few years before he out grows it! Not sure what to do with this little guy either. Maybe paint it, maybe keep it wood?

What would you do??

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