Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Hunt...

This is what we are looking for   in need of - - a 3 wheel bicycle.

Nothing fancy, it doesn't even have to be pretty. But we need one.

Need is a strong word. Why would someone need a 3 wheel bicycle you ask?

Well as you know hubby works on motorcycles. (He helps fix them and helps build custom motorcycles, too). On Saturdays he works at his friend's shop building custom bikes.

Last week, a 12 year old boy came into the shop to visit. He wasn't your average 12 year old. He was a 12 year old who has a brain tumor. A 12 yr old who just started walking again. A 12 year old who doesn't have all of his coordination back and walks with a little limp. A 12 year old who mentioned he wants a bike that he can ride. One with 3 wheels.

Well Hubby and his friend put it upon themselves to build a bicycle for this boy. They haven't told him yet. They aren't even sure how they are going to do it. They do make bike kits that you can add to an average bike to make 3 wheels...but the cheapest is over $300. A little more than either of us can afford right now. And the price of a new bike is way over $300. So they are trying to figure out how they can rig up back wheels or get an older bike to redo. They are going to redo the paint and trick it out like a custom bike. Sounds cool, huh?

If you live in the KC metro area and know of a 3 wheel bike for sale for cheap...or if someone is willing to give it away...please let me know. I really need to find one and soon.

When this project is complete I will post pictures of finished cool 3 wheel bike!

Thank you!

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