Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Latest Project

If you are like me then you LOVE making crafts with your kids. Which means you must like Family Fun magazine! They always have cute ideas that my son and I can make together or that I can make for him that he will LOVE.

Their June/July issue was no exceptions. It included their 20 Years of Summer Fun Projects. My son spotted the shark t-shirt and we had to make it!

The magazine included instructions to use contact paper - which I don't have and didn't want to purchase for one project. So I used freezer paper instead which is cheaper! I had to free hand the shark picture from the magazine. I was never able to find the free template online. oh well I think momma did pretty good!  He like spraying the paint and even had to paint a few rocks for his rock collection at Nana and Papa's house.
After drying and peeling off the freezer paper (sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process - let me know if you have questions about using freezer paper) he was ready to wear it.

Notice his cute "Chandler" smile! I just love my son!


Amber, That's Me! said...

We love FF mag too and totally wanted to make this shirt! We still have it on our to do list. We have done several freezer paper shirts but none with the paint like this!
{amber from AlaCarte Baby, earlier today)

Just Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting! I too have a GIANT list of things to do!! will I ever make them all????

Anonymous said...

What a great idea -- using freezer paper. I need to decorate my Cancer Race shirt, and was wondering how to put the ribbon design on it. I can copy it, cut it out, and use the spray paint we bought. Thanks again, Jenny.

Just Jenny said...

don't forget to iron it down before spraying! then it just peels right up when the paint is done! EASY PEASY!


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