Friday, February 24, 2012

Going meatless for Lent

I'm sure your thinking...wait, she's not Catholic. No I am not. But I do believe in sacrificing and fasting and I believe in God. There is no way that we could fast for 40 days as Christ did, but we can give up/sacrifice something that we enjoy to identify with Christ's suffering. And to learn self control.
Don't worry we are also praying and reading our bible as usual! It is not all about giving up something it is also about adding things to your life. We are also teaching these things to our son.

A few years ago I gave up TV for our fast. This was a little hard at the time as their were certain shows I really, really liked to watch. And hubby didn't give up TV so I had to leave the room if he wanted to watch. He gave up coke and hasn't started up again. So thankful for that. But I did start watching TV. Only certain shows and I stopped recording the ones that I felt convicted about watching. I have more time now!

Hubby has been wanting to give up meat for a fast for the past two years but a little hesitant at the same time. Wednesday at lunch time he called me from work and said "Did you know it's Ash Wednesday? I want to stop eating meat. You don't have to I will just won't eat the meat that you cook."

How could I be a good wife and not also follow my husband and give up meat. It would be so cruel if I was cooking great smelling meat, eating it in front of him and expect him to have self control. That is not right. I am walking beside my husband and also going meatless until Easter.

Luckily I knew it was Ash Wednesday and had packed our lunch boxes with Broccoli Cheese soup (found the recipe on Pinterest - so good!) (yes I know it had chicken broth in it. This was the last meat we had)

 But I had no plans for dinner and we had to start now! When I got home I put all of the meat from the fridge into the freezer and searched for what to make for dinner. Since it wasn't planned I only had baked potatoes and salads on hand. But I did some planning - which I don't like to do! Especially when it comes to meals.

Have you heard of emeals? You pick a meal plan (vegetarian, gluten free, large family, small family, portion control, carb free, etc) then you pick the store you shop at (walmart, Aldi's, Whole Foods, etc) and they come up with a menu for the week with recipes and shopping list!! WooHoo! nothing to think about except what to make first! I thought I found a Groupon...but alas it was expired. If you buy the whole year it is about $5 a month. I only bought 3 months to make sure we like the recipes and that it was easy.

I love it! I took my little shopping list to the store and found everything that was listed! The recipes look pretty easy and appear to be things we like. So we are jumping in!
For the first meal I made macaroni and cheese with a salad on the side. YUMMY! I had never made homemade macaroni before and this was with a twist - Blue cheese and Italian cheese. So good! I'm excited about trying Kale soup in a few days!

If you are like me and struggle with meal planning and shopping list then you need to try emeals!
What do you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Off at CoCo Key Review

We enjoyed a wonderful day today at CoCo Key Water Park!
Little honey and his friend have been off school for a few days and will be Monday, too, so we decided we needed to do something different so they weren't bored.

Boy were we NOT bored today. So much fun with all the activities. If you live in the KC area and have a day off you should check it out. The price was fairly reasonable at $18 per person. We picked the Slide and Dine combo and paid a little more and got our lunch free. All over the website it says not to bring your own snacks or drinks. So I followed the rules and bought lunch there instead of saving $$ and bringing our own. Let me tell you - it was not that good. My cheese pizza was burnt and VERY greasy. The boys got chicken strips and they were ok. Nothing too exciting.

But while we were there EVERYONE had brought their own snacks and lunch! I couldn't believe it! Kids had their own lunch boxes and snacks were everywhere. And no one was even hiding them!
So my advice is bring your own'll taste better!

Overall a great day by all and a fun place to go with your family.

Hope you had a happy Friday!


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