Friday, February 17, 2012

Day Off at CoCo Key Review

We enjoyed a wonderful day today at CoCo Key Water Park!
Little honey and his friend have been off school for a few days and will be Monday, too, so we decided we needed to do something different so they weren't bored.

Boy were we NOT bored today. So much fun with all the activities. If you live in the KC area and have a day off you should check it out. The price was fairly reasonable at $18 per person. We picked the Slide and Dine combo and paid a little more and got our lunch free. All over the website it says not to bring your own snacks or drinks. So I followed the rules and bought lunch there instead of saving $$ and bringing our own. Let me tell you - it was not that good. My cheese pizza was burnt and VERY greasy. The boys got chicken strips and they were ok. Nothing too exciting.

But while we were there EVERYONE had brought their own snacks and lunch! I couldn't believe it! Kids had their own lunch boxes and snacks were everywhere. And no one was even hiding them!
So my advice is bring your own'll taste better!

Overall a great day by all and a fun place to go with your family.

Hope you had a happy Friday!

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