Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Ran and I am Still Running...

I cannot believe it actually happened! I am not a runner and especially since my doc diagnosed me with asthma last year have I barely been exercising. But I did lose 30 lbs in 2011! WooHoo!

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I have been training for the past 4 weeks. Boy it was hard and still is because I have been barely able to run the full 5K (which is actually 3.2 miles). I get winded after about 10 min and have to walk a bit, then run another 1 min and then walk a bit. this goes on the whole workout. Of course this is how you train but I thought by now I would be able to continue to run the full time or at least 30 min!

Well tonight was the Midnight Torch Run to benefit the Special Olympics in Kansas. My very first race! How exciting!

So many things to do before the race to get prepared.

I needed new shoes and had to purchase them in advance so I would be used to them. That was an experience in itself! I finally decided on Reebok RunTones.

They are super cushioned and I do feel them working/stretching my legs when I have them on. They are good, the  only weird thing is they make a little noise from the sole when I run so it sounds like someone is running up behind me! A little creepy especially since I usually run at night! Even my dog noticed and kept looking over his shoulder when we were out ♥

Had the hardest time finding a Neon Pink tank top for the race. Since so many of my friends are also doing the race we thought it only appropriate if we match somehow. I have to run in a tank as I get so hot so finding one was a little hard. I did find a Nike one but it was a loose fit and $20. wanted to just find a regular ribbed one. I finally did at a "little girls" store. Hey I was a little girl at one time and if it still fits???

Washed the outfit I am wearing. Tried it on and ready to go!

The night before the race I went and picked up my race packet. FUN! Got my number I am an official runner!

Some friends that were running with me met up before and got a few pics ~

We were so excited!! It had been raining around 8pm that night and a little breezy so we had long sleeves and jackets. So glad it stopped raining. It was actually perfect weather to run - light breeze and about 65 degrees. Perfect Midnight Run!

This was actually before the race...getting excited...

I actually jogged the whole race! Everyone in my group took off at the starting line and left me in their dust...but they are 3 to 5 years YOUNGER than me!  But I was running/jogging! So proud of myself. I was passed by almost everyone - there were walkers behind me and I actually passed 3 people! WooHoo! Not too bad for a beginner runner who has only trained for 4 weeks! I haven't gotten my time yet but I know I was at least 40 min. if not more. I wanted to make it under 40 but hey - at least I ran the whole time!

We made it - all hot and sweaty after the race!!

So excited for our next one! Not sure what I will run next but I do have planned a Mud Run in October. I am actually going to run a 5K with obstacles and think I can make it! HA! But this time I have 6 months to train and hope to get at least one more 5k under my belt with better speed!

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