Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clean out that Purse!

Time to clean out that purse...

Join me and author Kathi Lipp on her blog for a chance to win her books and a cute bag that says "My husband is a hottie"!! The only thing you have to do is clean out your purse and post a comment on her blog that you did it and any thing interesting you found!

I found crayons - just in case we go out to eat and need to play tic tac toe! After cleaning mine out I really, really want to get a new bag! I have been thinking about sewing up a fun one for summer...but I usually get bored of the fabric before I finish it. I know silly, but it's the truth. I want a really fun  bright yellow or hot pink bag. Now to go shopping!!!

What did you find in your purse???

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