Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thanks Chick-fil-A... Mother Son Date Night!

Had my first official date with little honey tonight! I have been planning this for weeks and was so excited! Although little honey was worried if Daddy could go or if anyone would be there that we knew. I told him it was just for me and him.

I'm not sure if he really got the "date" idea, since we do so much together errands and going out to eat for lunch. But eventually he will understand as I plan to keep up dates with him so he knows how to date/treat a girl. But that is a long time from now...

He kept asking all day...when is our date, when is our date?? I think he was just excited to be going to Chick-fil-A not the date! O-well.

When we got there they had Valet parking - free! that was nice. Tablecloths on the tables for us with flowers. Made it feel like a real restaurant and not fast food. They seated us after we ordered and the workers were so cute in their button down white shirts and ties! Made it feel special.

Little honey was so excited. We talked about what dates were and why people go them. He said "I guess you go on one date with a girl that likes you and then you get married. If the girl likes you. Or you could wait and find a girl you like. I dunno. It's so confusing. Can I go play now."

The best part of the date? He got to play. Yeah, did I mention he's only 6?

We did get some fun photobooth pictures at the end, too.

My big laugh got in the second shot. The photographer said lean over and kiss him - of course as soon as I did he pulled away and I laughed as this is what usually happens when I try to kiss him in public!

Had fun and can't wait til next year! Hopefully Chick-fil-A does it again!
Thanks Chick-fil-A for helping start my training of my son's dating life!

Have you ever read this book -

I haven't read this book but I'm thinking of getting it. I know she is a christian author and this might be a good read with your child.

Have you heard of dating your child? This is the best concept I have heard. Dad's taking their daughter's out to show them how boys should treat them and what to expect. (remember that scene in Courageous where the dad bought his daughter a ring? Great Movie!) Mom's taking their son's out to show them how to act and what to do and not do. Otherwise how will they learn? Or should I say how will they learn the right, acceptable way?

I want my son to know how to take care of a girl, how to treat her right. Yes he is picking things up from watching daddy but he may not pick everything up and know when to do it at the right time on a date. A "date night" is a specific time to show how to take charge and actually plan a date (where to eat and what to do - hubby still has a little trouble with this sometimes :) how to go to the door and pick up the girl. Open the car door for her and open the door to the movie or restaurant. (Little honey already does this and says "Ladies first" Makes a momma so proud!)  When to call it a night and what to do when you take the girl home. All things that yes, are a little premature at his young age of 6 but I am teaching him things that he can use when he is at school and at church around girls.

I will be completely honest when I say he is not dating until he is 16. I waited until I was 16 to go on my first date with a boy and he can wait to. Why rush it and let puberty get in the way and confuse him even more when he is 12 or 14? Why does he even need to have a girlfriend before 16?

Why even worry about it?

Well I don't want girls to be his only focus as he is growing up. Speaking from experience constantly worrying about the opposite sex really doesn't put your priorities in order. I think he needs to focus on God, on our family, on school, on saving money and then worry about a girl. I think teaching him these things now will make it easier in the future to deal with them. Instead of ignoring them and waiting until it is too late to correct. Isn't that what parenting is about? Whether we are talking about cleaning their room, their eating habits or getting a booboo.

We as parents need to plan these things out and be prepared BEFORE something happens.

Did I mention he is only 6? Well last month he got two, yes I said TWO notes from girls at school. They are in kindergarten! And they were notes that either the parent helped or an older sibling. Why are they pushing their little girls to have a "boyfriend"? Don't they know what that leads to? They will always be worried about having a boyfriend and if they don't then something is wrong with them. I do not want my son to go down that path. Seriously mom's of girls - get your priorities in order too! Don't let them get their heart broken too early or let them get in a situation that you don't want them to be in! Don't push boys on them! Teach them to protect their hearts and keep it for the right man - when they are older!!! Dads need to step up and tell this to their daughters instead of assuming that someone else will teach them!

Let's start dating our kids and teaching them now! I'm not talking every week but maybe once a month or every other month until they are a little older. This is especially good if you have more than one child. Every child needs some one on one time with each parent. Put it on the calendar and don't forget it.

Will you start to date your child??

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