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Oil Pullling Experiment

Oil Pulling. Have you heard of it? It is an alternative health practice that has been around for years but just recently more common in America. Weird I know but interesting...

Here are a few links to learn more about it -

Oil Pulling

I was intrigued when I first heard about this. Can swishing oil in your mouth really affect anything in your body? Hmmmm.  So I thought I would experiment myself and see. I didn't have Sesame or Sunflower oil on hand but I do have Coconut Oil (refered to as C.O. below) and since there are soo many benefits of C.O. I thought I would try it. I did the experiment for a full 30 days to see if there were any changes or results of the Oil Pulling.  Here are my daily thoughts of my experiment ~

Day 1 - GROSS! at first. I had read somewhere that first time you almost chew the C.O. until it melts which was a little weird and gross. But in mere seconds it is melted and swishing away. Thought that 15 min. would be hard but not too bad. will try for 20 tommorrow.

Day 2 - still a little gross at first but that quickly goes away. swishing slow for total 20 min! nothing new to notice yet.

Day 3 - Forgot! immediatly jumped out of bed and went running this morning and when I got back I was STARVING and ate breakfast. Went into bathroom later and remembered I forgot to oil pull! Oops!

Day 4 - not gross, just weird...if that makes any sense to you ♥ my teeth feel so smooth like when you leave the dentist after he cleans them! that just polished feel. they do seem a little whiter - or is it just me?? Love the smooth feeling.

Day 5 - not bad...morning is hard to get ready and hubby wants to talk when I am oil pulling! I think he is getting used to us not talking before he leaves for work...and I  think he is liking it!!! still no notice of anything changing.

Day 6 - no problems. no changes, teeth do look a little whiter and are very smooth. Starting period today and No PMS! I guess that is a good change!

Day 7 - starting to get used to C.O. in mouth - nont bad. teeth still smooth and still no PMS!  This is an awesome change in my book. Usually I am downing the PMS medicine or at least Tylenol and nothing needed! WOOHOO ♥

Day 8 - same today. Did go to little honey's dentist today - he had 2 cavities! this is what I want to avoid but can't imagine getting him to swish this around every morning. Although hubby is interested. While at his dentist I asked if he had ever heard of Oil pulling and he looked at me like I was an alien! He had no idea what I was talking about but said he was curious and would look it up. Can't wait til I go to my dentist and see if he has heard of it or not!

Day 9  -  same. Period over and short with no problems!! Yipee! may continue this oil pulling if only for this one change!!! Big zit today on chin :( thought O.P. was suppossed to help with acne??

Day 10 - Forgot! Saturdays are hard. I want to rush out of bed before anyone is up and go running as this is the only day hubby doen't have to leave by 6:30 am and I can take a little time to run instead of rushing my workout. Of course I was starving when I got back and quickly ate! When I was running my throat was killing me! I will admit I forgot my inhaler last night but throat should not hurt just from breathing!

Day 11 - Forgot again! Same thing today went running before church and was starving when I got home. Again my throat was so sore. will have to continue to O.P. if it helps my throat although not sure how it helps as I don't gargle with the oil. But I do usually gargle with salt water after my O.P. so maybe that is why it helps my throat.

Day 12 - Back to it! No sore throat today Yipee! A little more energy today - and of course it is while I am at work not home where I could be productive and clean or sew! Oh well - hope it keeps up every day.

Day 13 - Used Almond oil today. After reading that regular oil (which is yellowish in color) turns white after oil pulling because of the yuck that is pulled out I wanted to try and this is what was available today ( C.O. is already white so not sure what I am looking at). It taste Awful! Even worse than the first day of C.O.! But when I spit out it was white - was is it because of swishing motion or because of the germs and such?? thinking about purchasing Sesame or sunflower oil when I go to store next...
Day 14 - not much energy today. Went back to Cocunut oil, so much better than almond oil. Throat not sore teeth do appear whiter - is it just me? Noone has said anything about my teeth or complection so not sure if it is true.  * Also used C.O. as moisturizer on face last night and this morning under make-up. Face feels smooth and soft today make-up doesn't feel heavy or hard as usual. keep touching my face which I know is bad...but can't help it - it is soooo soft! And lips soft - haven't needed chapstick all day! yipee! (on another topic...I need to make a healthier option other than to do research!)forgot to take vitamins all week and noticed my hair is falling out today UGH! not sure if it is becuase not taking hair/skin/nail vitamin or agrivation from oil pulling. they say symptoms will get worse before getting better...

Day 15 -  not much energy today :( no sore throat when woke up! Usual routine - no change. Remebered vitamins today! Face is still really soft! Not much hair fell out this morning which is a very good thing! no other changes.

Day 16 - Ran my 5 K last night at midnight. I didn't get to bed until after 3am so I slept in today and was drowsy and out of it until about 3 pm. By then I was starving so I forgot :( Of course I had no energy today but I think it was because of the run.

Day 17 - forgot AGAIN! weekends are bad for me. Hubby is still here when we get up and all I want to do is make breakfast for the family and talk! Throat started to be sore around 4pm. wondering if it was because I was out so late for run or because I forgot to O.P.?

Day 18 - Throat is killing me! So sore that I could only O.P for about 10 min. then of course gargle with salt water. A little better btu not much energy today feeling like coming down with flu :(

Day 19 -  20 min today! Thraot feeling much better and although I was so tired when I got up I now have so much energy after I Oil Pulled! So glad as there are so many things I want to get done around the house today.

Day 20 - same today...head is so stuffed can hardly breath. throat feels fine and face is still so soft.

Day 21 - no change...throat fine, head cold still there and don't want to do anything! teeth are still smooth and face is still so soft. love the way it feels.

Day 22 - still doing full 20 min. don't really notice any big changes wonder if I will after full 30 days?

Day 23 - throat is fine, head still stuffy so I haven't worked out all week :( Woke up soo tired but after O.P. I had more energy - like it woke me up better. sounds weird I know but it's true. Love how my face is feeling after I moisturize with the C.O.

Day 24 - no problems while doing 20 min when hubby is still asleep. Hey it's Saturday and I remembered! of course I didn't run today and that is why! Head and throat feeling a little better but coughing up a storm!

Day 25 - throat fine. no big change. Teeth feel amazing and do look a little whiter.

Day 26 - again no big changes. I think because I am focusing more on my teeth they are getting more attention like brushing more and flossing! so of course they feel smooth and clean and look a little whiter. not sure if this would be different if I was oil pulling or not. Just need to spend  more time on my teeth and gums.

Day 27 - getting a little bored of swishing in morning and not being able to talk to hubby before he leaves for work. I'm sure he is happy about it as he is not a morning person and doesn't really like to talk before 10am unless it is extremely necessary ♥

Day 28 - hubby and son are finally getting into the C.O. and using for moisturizer on elbows and knees and little honey is even asking when his bottom is sore (guys don't wipe very well ya know what I mean??) I ahve been using it on my legs and they are soo soft! I even found a homemade recipe on pinterest to use after shaving that sounds so good! still remembered to O.P. again getting a little old but I'm keeping up with it!
Day 29 - almost over. Can't wait to go to my dentist and see if he notices anything. I got 2 compliments today on my pretty teeth! Yippee!!

Day 30 - last day! I am happy and sad. I liked doing an experiment...but I am tired of doing it every day. My teeth are smooth and appear whiter. not sure if it is just me noticing that or not.

Overall - I think it is something I may do once in a while but probably no everyday. I didn't really notice a change in my body or health although some days it did help with my throat and not being sore. So this may be good in winter.

Is this something you would do??

**Update**  so it has been a few months since my experiment. I still use C.O. all the time for cooking and moisturizing. Not much oil pulling going on at my house. Hubby never tried it. He thought it was a little wierd. But he's used to that with me. Tell me what you thought after you tried it!!

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