Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am now a Rugged Maniac!!

I conquered my fear and completed a 5k mud obstacle course. In 32 degrees I might add....


I can official say I am a Rugged Maniac!!!
Here is some of the ice cold water we went thru. I pulled my sleeves up to try and keep them dry so I could stay warm. It worked until I went down the slide...super wet there!
This is where I start to go underground. Yes I said that right we crawled about 20-25 feet underground. This is the only thing that hurt as it was NOT smooth terrain under there. My knees were so sore and bruised. Still over a week later dark purple bruises. But I'm tough!
Loved doing this! I conquered my fears! Now I am ready to do another one! Warrior Dash in April here I come!

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