Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's

I know, I know I am a little behind...

but I have been contemplating this for a while.

New Year's I or don't I? I tend to set goals, not really resolutions. But I do like having a new year to start over. Something usually goes unfinished or not met and this gives me the chance to begin again....

So here they are in no particular order...

1. Complete the Daniel Fast.  I am on day 12... going pretty well.. Only have a few cravings and lost a few pounds - although that was not my intention.

January 6-26, 2013
Online Daniel Fast

"Plant the Seed"

2. Be more intentional with my time with God.
Reading my bible more and praying for others. Creating a closer relationship with Him. Isn't this something we strive to do daily? Why do I have to list it on my resolutions? Because sometimes seeing it written out it makes it more tangible. More accountable. I need accountability.

3.  Bring someone to the Lord.
Someone who doesn't know Christ as their savior. Not someone who comes to me at church or while I'm on the ministry team. But a complete stranger who doesn't go to church.

This one is out of my comfort zone.

My ladies group is beginning a new study about this very topic. It is so relevant and just shows me more and more that this is God's plan in my life!
This is the study we are doing -

4.  Take more time out for me - and my body.
Working out and carving time out for things I've been nails, my hair, my skin, my make-up. etc.
I did spend more time and $  in 2012 on my clothes...which I want to keep up with (if hubby lets me buy more boots! The 3 pairs I already bought just aren't enough!!)

But making more me time - pampering. Taking a long bath, getting manicure instead of me trying to do it myself. I'm ready to impress my hubby!

5.  As for working out - my goal is to complete a 10K!

I know this is a stretch for me! I did complete a few 5K's in 2012 and even did a mud obstacle!
So far this year I have signed up for two 5Ks, two mud obstacle runs, and trying to convince hubby to change our vacation date so I can run the 10K at Disneyland! Wish me luck!
If not I will find a local 10K in September or October. This one is a hard one for me as I have such a hard time Running the whole 5K. I do better when I walk a bit, run a bit. But I want to run the whole time and not be out of breath!

6. Finish some of my projects I started last year!
So many sewing project and knitting projects..and yet I keep finding more that I want to do! UGH! this is a big priority. I need to purge if I'm not going to do it!

7.  Organize my house! And me! obviously since I am just now posting this list! HA
This is really big and one that hubby wants me to complete too! I'm just doing a little bit a day but I can't wait to see BIG improvements and big empty spaces of where I purged! We started with the laundry room. Actually the laundry room started with out us. My washing machine died a few weeks ago and while shopping for a new one hubby and I saw a pretty set up with stackable washer/dryer and shelving on each side. So that is what we are doing. Just got the new washer and dryer last week - Love it! Hubby has already planned and started the shelves. Can't wait til they are done!

So what are some of your New Year's Resolutions or Goals? Have you done any of these I listed - any advice???

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