Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's Celebrate ~ National Craft month!

So what are you making for National Craft Month??

Itching to try something new?? This is the month to do it!

My goal is to finish some of my unfinished projects...of which I have a lot to complete!!
  • Lots and lots of knitting projects...too many to list!!!
  • DONE! Apron for my husband's work
  • Refashion winter coat (already taken apart just needs to be cut and sewn!)
  • My son's Easter pants (refasion - already in pieces just need to cut and sew)
  • Add some new items to Etsy shop
  • finished a few! Pinterest projects (I will never finish these as each day I add to my list!!)
My month is full! How about yours?

I will be posting pics of these finished projects - hopefully soon!!!


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